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Editorial: A boost to revitalization

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If Greenville’s downtown revitalization effort is to succeed, it cannot depend solely on grant funding, public investment or other incentives to develop new opportunities. It will require the infusion of private money to bring residential and commercial options as well, resources that will serve to facilitate the growth of a more engaging and enjoyable experience in that part of the city.

It is therefore exciting to see unveiled a proposed $40 million student housing complex featuring retail space, slated for construction in the heart of downtown. If the plans proceed and that dream is realized in the coming years, it could bring thousands of students within walking distance of East Carolina University and ultimately become a cornerstone of the city’s future.

When the Imperial Tobacco plant on Atlantic Avenue burned in a devastating 2008 fire, Greenville lost more than a link to a century of cultivating the golden leaf. The owners of the facility hoped to transform it into mixed-use residential and retail space, appealing to young professionals due to its location and innovation. Its destruction leveled those hopes as well.

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Sounds familiar from the last election

I seem to remember that one of the at large candidates discussed the idea of multi-use buildings/residentual areas in the downtown. However gvegas was not one of those who supported. Maybe he is learning from the other candidates ideas. Obviously council seems to be quietly supporting someone else's ideas and trying to claim as their own. Politics do make funny bed fellows. Imagine that this idea is coming at a time where we are talking about parking around the university.

Good idea

The only thing wrong with this is that it looks like that hill of grass will be gone. That was always a popular hill during the first days of spring when the young ladies would lie out there to soak in the gentle rays of the sun. I have fond memories of driving around and around admiring the young women. I drove until the low-gas light came on. I realize progress must come but please make allowances for the leering of old men. We are pretty much harmless and don't get much enjoyment out of life. You are doing something nice for the kids but don't leave out the lecherous old men. Thanks.

This is definitely a boost to downtown

Greenville and the ECU area. I am thrilled to know these two young men and entrepeneurs have the foresight to make a difference. Thank you for bringing this area to a place for housing and shops.

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