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Editorial: Boost to transportation projects

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Changing the perception of Greenville’s downtown — to accentuate its reputation as a destination for work, commerce and entertainment — will not succeed without innovative partnerships that share responsibility for delivering improvement. The City Council believes it successfully advanced two such projects with nearly unanimous decisions on Monday night.

Council members’ approval of a parking deck was accompanied by the selection of a site for a long discussed transportation and activity center (formerly known as the intermodal center). While these projects do not assure improvement in that key city district, they do represent the sort of collaborative thinking that should make progress over the long term.

After 12 years of consideration, discussion and work by city staff, the council voted 5-1, with Councilman Max Joyner in opposition, to build a proposed Greenville Transportation and Activity Center in an area bordered by Pitt Street and Bonners Lane, and nearby Dickinson Avenue and 10th Street. It is intended to be a mixed-use development that provides a central clearinghouse for Greenville Area Transit System, Pitt Area Transit System, East Carolina University Transit and Greyhound buses as well as the new Amtrack connector, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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*i moved to greenville over

*i moved to greenville over 35 years ago and they were revitalizing then and still are--and at what cost to the taxpayers? remember when they tore up the entire street to make a walk-thru open mall? didn't seem to work so they tore it all out to make a drive-thru and now parking like it was years ago? that better? who knows? *don't wnat to be always negative about everything, but i've just seen too much waste to revitalize the downtown area at taxpayers cost and to no fruition. when will this insanity stop? *my feeble suggestion? look at downtown wilmington. they took the backside and made it the frontside overlooking water--which we have. the business shops on the main streets have purpose. just think about it.

How long?

I think the myth that the downtown must be revitalized has been accepted as an absolute. How long will the taxpayer be required to renew the downtown until we give it up and let nature take its course? I guess the private sector is not smart enough to do it on their own.


How many of these spaces will be reserved for city, county, and federal workers use only? How many will be reserved for handicapped, and that does not mean those handicapped hanging cards "borrowed" from Grandma? What will be the cost for parking there per hour? Better find out before the first shovel goes into the ground or we taxpayers just might be paying for "perks" for government workers.

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