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Jackie Drake/The Daily ReflectorCarnell Burney, center, attendance specialist at South Central High School, holds a sign reading PITT NCAE at the One Voice Rally in Raleigh on Tuesday to protest education budget cuts.

Jackie Drake/The Daily ReflectorCarnell Burney, center, attendance specialist at South Central High School, holds a sign reading PITT NCAE at the One Voice Rally in Raleigh on Tuesday to protest education budget cuts.

Editorial: Budget talks need balance

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Shrugging off the chants of teachers assembled outside the General Assembly building, the N.C. House on Tuesday gave tentative approval to a $19.3 billion state budget that sharply reduces education spending and eliminates thousands of jobs. Following Wednesday's vote, the bill moves to the Senate, where Republican leaders hope to make even deeper cuts and pass a more austere budget.

Given the size of North Carolina's revenue shortfall, citizens expect lawmakers to construct a budget that responsibly reduces the size of government while also protecting those areas most critical to the state's future. The House budget clearly values the first mandate more than the second, and Raleigh must strike a fairer balance between the two in order to serve the public.

It has been said that a budget should be seen as a statement of priorities more than a list of funding appropriations. How a government spends the people's money in a fiscal year should reflect citizens' expectation for public services as well as their aspirations for the future. Some investments made now will not reap dividends for years to come, but that does not diminish their importance.

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University Cuts

I agree 100%. Perhaps the problem is the lack of understanding as to the value of an educated work force? What company would come to a State that does not value education? All those people who voted for the reason to cut taxes were fools!!! Did they not know that the majority of tax money is used for education and health care of our community members? Or don't they care becasue they got theirs and screw the rest of the people. And now the republican leadership will determine who will be laid off, not the local school districts. Guess the STATE knows better than the locals. Typical Republican leadership, our way or the highway.

I think the General Assembly

I think the General Assembly should listen to the will of the voters. This past election sent a clear signal to Raleigh: Less government spending. Of course the Democrats will try to keep the spirit of 'tax & spend' alive. You cannot blame the Democrats for wanting to continue raising state spending each year - it is in their DNA. But the average working family has had enough. Education must make cuts and realign themselves. Don't we have smart people in education. Can't they figure out how to do with less funds? The average family figures it out each month. Education needs to cooperate with government.

Austerity vs priorities

I would have our state as well as national government handle their budgets the way I handle mine. Spend no more than we take in, but there are such things as priorities, and education is one of them. Short sighted cuts that have unintended long term consequences is not the way. There are ways to cut spending and enhance revenues in such a way as to be fair, and not sacrifice something as important as our children's education.

Really? want to donate some money!!

"However, this budget goes too far by unnecessarily ransoming the future of public school students and recklessly cutting jobs in critical areas of need." and what critical jobs are you generalizing about? lets get specific or leave your pontificating to the politicians

I read in today's News &

I read in today's News & Observer where the N & O is laying off another 20 employees. I suspect they are doing the exact same thing as the Republicans: Trying to match expenses with revenue. The newspaper industry has had thousands and thousands of layoffs over the past few years. It is a sign of the times. State government is no different. I think the citizens deserve the government........they can afford.

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