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Trucks line up to get gas at the Liberty Plus gas station on U.S. 264 in Washington on Thursday, May 17, 2012.   (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflecto

Trucks line up to get gas at the Liberty Plus gas station on U.S. 264 in Washington on Thursday, May 17, 2012. (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

Editorial: Capping gas tax empty gesture

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A lowering of gasoline prices during May has provided a welcome reprieve for North Carolina motorists from the budget-busting pump prices that hovered near the $4-per-gallon mark for most of this year. Some legislative leaders in Raleigh seek to gain political mileage from capping the state gas tax, an election-year idea that should be approached with caution.

A report published earlier this month by the NC Budget & Tax Center, a non-partisan project of the North Carolina Justice Center, spells out a compelling argument against the notion of capping the state’s overall gas tax. Doing so, the report argues, would prevent revenues from adjusting to rising construction costs and further hinder the state’s ability to maintain its transportation system.

At 38.9 cents per gallon, North Carolina’s gas tax is one of the highest in the nation. The tax has two components — a flat tax of 17.5 cents and a variable portion adjusted at six-month intervals to equal 7 percent of the average wholesale price of gasoline.

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It's true that fluctuating

It's true that fluctuating taxes have a big impact on economy, but car owners definitely enjoy the lowering of gasoline prices. Business owners are the most affected by these fluctuations, but thanks to the NSF check recovery it's a lot easier to stay afloat these days and even increase income.

The gas price has a major

The gas price has a major influence on our current economy. Lower gas prices would mean the transportation business will be able to start growing again. The owner operator trucking jobs number would be on he rise and the economy would receive a significant boost.


here a tax, there a tax, every lib and the dr like taxes

Quote:The transportation

The transportation system in this state has in recent history been of a higher quality that is the envy of surrounding states.
And which states are those? Isn't envy a sin? Those states should be ashamed!

This editorial has all the markings of Al Clark,

Grand liberal of Greenville. With this type of logic and everything made, in part, of oil we should have everything indexed to oil prices. Al a suggestion, go check out the bald eagles and let the economists debate the nc gas tax, the highest in the nation gee, he loves taxes except the Greenville property tax- the DR moved out of the City of Greenville proper hmmm

the needs of taxpayers could be better served

if the NCDOT were reformed and actually did some work. I know someone who works at NCDOT and he tells me they are top heavy with cheifs and there are not enough indians. And, get this, They don't know how to put down asphalt. They have to hire that job out. So why not hire out the whole construction job and get rid of most of the department except for a few design engineers who could also double as inspectors. Now that would be efficient. Ride by any job site where NCDOT is working any time of the day and you will see the same thing. Twenty men watching one man working with at least ten new trucks parked near by and heavy equipment parked next to the trucks. And if you travel some of the back roads, you'll find a bright yellow truck wit a DOT sticker on the door and a man asleep behind the wheel. I know because I've called in on two of them this year.

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Bless your heart