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Editorial: City's poor planning plays out

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Not many people would choose to reside within earshot of a business that features a festive atmosphere, including outdoor music. Allowing such a business near the homes of longtime city residents illustrates sheer negligence at best and total disregard at worst.

Greenville can and should do better by its long-established residential taxpayers, who rightly expect their city not to facilitate the circumvention of its own noise ordinance.

That is essentially what has happened regarding the location of a popular pizza chain directly across Charles Boulevard from the edge of a decades-old neighborhood.

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*what? the mushroom wants

*what? the mushroom wants to go make money, the city wants to make money, the county wants to make money. no ???? asked.

Not a City Problem

The City did not force the fools at Mellow Mushroom to locate there. The Mushroom did not do their homework. Was the City to deny the request to locate there? It is zoned for a restaurante, not outdoor concerts. Your Editorial is a waste of paper.

*that mall has been there for

*that mall has been there for years and i've never heard of anyone complainging of noise. parked cars don't make much noise. *if your neighbor played loud music ALL DAY that you could hear and be able to sing along even into the night--be honest--it would drive you nuts. *now we know who to blame for the location of this restaurant--the planning board. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! I MAINTAIN THEY DID KNOW BETTER AND JUST DIDN'T CARE. *GREAT EDITORIAL!

When you live across

from a mall what should one expect? I don't think music is a bad thing if it stops before a reasonable hour. What that hour is might be arguable.

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Bless your heart