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District 3 City Councilwoman Marion Blackburn and attendees listen during a town hall meeting at city hall on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013.   (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflecto

District 3 City Councilwoman Marion Blackburn and attendees listen during a town hall meeting at city hall on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013. (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

Editorial: Code enforcement key

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When the Greenville City Council turned its attention toward the improvement of the Tar River-university neighborhood, many in the community contended that more rigorous enforcement of existing city code would help address the problems there. It was a position endorsed by, among others, East Carolina University, which even offered to help fund an additional enforcement officer.

Undaunted, the council plowed ahead with its plans to eliminate the rule limiting to three the number of unrelated tenants living in a dwelling, claiming that it would somehow reduce the concerns about trash, parking and crime endemic to that neighborhood. It is more likely that better code enforcement will prove a more effective solution, and the city should provide the resources needed to see that done.

Listed as the last action item in the neighborhood preservation section of last year’s list of City Council goals, a review of the so-called “three-unrelated” rule sparked a lively discussion about the future of the unique neighborhood between the East Carolina University campus and the Tar River. Inhabited by a mixture of college-age renters and older homeowners, it became a flashpoint in the ongoing debate over how to best protect and manage the city’s residential areas.

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The Initiative Passed by City Council INCREASES CODE ENFORCEMENT

Maybe the editor should begin by reading the ACTUAL initiative enacted by City Council. The University Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative clearly spells out increased code enforcement, increased lighting, safety and more teeth in fines to offenders as the backbone of the plan. Interestingly all the fear-mongering by the TRUNA extremists about 4-unrelated and echoed here so often print, how it was going to flood the neighborhoods with mobs of people? ....The same rule in place in Chapel Hill, Raleigh and almost every major city in NC. How many properties have applied to move to 4-unrelated ?.......... 2. Yes, all you Marian Blackburn fear-mongers and Calvin Mercer grand-standers. ONLY. 2. PROPERTIES. Have applied to move to four residents. Rightfully so, the focus needs to move to the ACTUAL multi- point PLAN being implemented by the UNRI work group appointed by Mayor Allen Thomas and Council members Dennis Mitchell and begrudging involvement Marian Blackburn. The work group is doing an outstanding job. Already has resulted in over 500 of the 700 properties in the district signing up on support of their efforts, new energized community-wide clean up and community watch programs led by the new neighborhood association the UNA (as a counter to stagnant TRUNA which blocks the 90% majority of residents from even being voting members.). It's great to see progress being made in a neighborhood which needed it.

*criminals are drawn to easy

*criminals are drawn to easy target areas where many young people tend to congregate--like the ecu campus and surrounding areas. many criminals even live there now since over the years we have retired city areas where they formerly lived. *then take all the clubs downtown within walking distance of the campus--fish in a barrel. not wishing to sound pessimistic, i just don't see much that can be done to improve this area. *having all those clubs downtown in close proximity to each other just brings fish barrels closer together. *when the powers that be decided to clean up west greenville, where did they think these challenges were going to go? POOR PLANNING AND INSIGHT.

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