September 28, 2016

We hear a lot about judicial activism these days, but we don't often see it. In most cases, judges on the appellate level hear arguments, interpret the law and issue a ruling. They do their job, deciding how the Constitution and law apply to situations our Founders couldn't possibly foresee.…

Public accountable for lengths of government secrecy

September 27, 2016

The people of Greenville and Pitt County have a lot to learn from the people of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County about the importance of the public’s right to know how their judicial and law enforcement officials operate.

Charlotte law enforcement officials on Saturday demonstrated their…

Events leaving North Carolina over HB2

September 26, 2016

Greensboro didn't lose a Bruce Springsteen concert and NCAA and ACC athletic events because Charlotte passed an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Greensboro would not have gotten them back if Charlotte had rescinded its ordinance.

So let's get the facts right: The trouble began March 23, when the…

Summers: Pirate performance nothing special

September 26, 2016

BLACKSBURG, Va. — East Carolina's grip on the Atlantic Coast Conference slipped through the Pirates' fingers on Saturday.

Special means, among other things, better or greater than the usual. The founders of organized football could not have chosen a better word to describe a team's other unit…