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Editorial: ECU drills raise confidence

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East Carolina University conducted the latest test of its emergency notification system on March 8, and it need look no further to the news emerging from Orlando this week to see the value of doing so. Law enforcement officials at the University of Central Florida are reporting that their swift response to a dorm fire alarm and 911 call likely prevented a would-be gunman from opening fire on students.

Though all the information about the Florida incident has yet to be made public, reviews of several school-related mass shootings show that a coordinated, rapid response by trained law enforcement professionals saves lives. It justifies the commitment East Carolina has made to continuous improvement of its emergency system through repeated testing and rigorous review.

Officials at UCF are still sifting through evidence found at an on-campus residence hall after finding a student dead early Monday morning with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Law enforcement responding to a 911 call from the man’s roommate and a nearly simultaneous fire alarm suspect that the deceased had planned a shooting rampage after they found weapons, an ammunition stockpile and two explosive devices in the dorm room.

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I agree with you 100%. I doubt that the moderators will allow this to be published though. In every case, states who implement CCW have seen overall crime rates drop tremendously. The deterrent effect works--and nobody gets shot. And it's something like only 1/2 of 1% of CCW holders who become felons, one of the lowest rates of any population. Heck, that's even lower than police officers, and they're pretty low on the future-criminal scale.

unsubstantiated claim

Why, exactly, would "the additional weapons...put students, staff and emergency responders at greater risk"? Just because you say so? Where is your proof? The answer is, there isn't any. Studies and statistics have conclusively shown otherwise. More guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens means less crime. Maniac shooters for the most part only target the so-called "gun-free zones," places where they know that very few people will be carrying guns. You don't hear about these nuts attacking police stations or rifle ranges. They wouldn't attack school campuses either, if they knew that they were likely to meet with armed resistance from the very first moments.


You know, and I know, that gun-free zones are targeted by these trigger-happy nutcases. I am pro-CCw all the way. However, I also know that in today's press (TV, newspaper, you name it) and in academe, emotion trumps logic. You can have all the facts in your favor, and if you're not "trendy", they'll ignore you. Or worse, they'll shout you down or go after your job. Here are the facts: 1. Every state that has passed concealed carry has seen a reduction in crime. 2. Despite predictions that there would be "blood in the streets", less than 1% of concealed carry holders have committed felonies with guns. That's far below the general population. But, there's about as much chance of an NC college campus passing CCW as there is of it snowing in July around here. But I do agree that it's a good idea that ECU has a plan. And it's a good idea to allow the less-brave to didi mau and let the police do their jobs.

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