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Woman holding shopping basket


Woman holding shopping basket

Editorial: Drop food tax idea

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There is little doubt that the North Carolina General Assembly intends to consider ways to overhaul the state’s tax code, though legislative leaders have thus far been coy about the specific changes they intend to pursue. Last week, however, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger offered a glimpse behind the curtain in predicting much lower individual income and corporate taxes — and perhaps their elimination.

While North Carolina should address areas of the tax code adversely affecting North Carolina’s competitiveness, Berger intimated that lawmakers might pursue expansion of the sales tax that could include a levy on food. While the Legislature is correct to examine all aspects of taxation, it should not seek to balance its books on the backs of the least fortunate, as a food tax attempts to do.

Throughout his campaign, Gov. Pat McCrory spoke often about the need to overhaul a tax code that was outdated and insufficient for the state. North Carolina’s approach has its roots in the 1930s and reflected the fiscal reality of a state struggling through the Great Depression. It does not reflect the modern economy which trends toward services rather than the production of goods.

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What are they trying to do take all of our money? Just making new tax reforms and addition of more taxes and also increasing them day to day. Already worried about the new reforms made and the situations that is going to be when tax filing time would come, willing to get some 2013 turbo tax coupon to get some extra benefits under other reforms.


Math teacher...got a little class warfare mentality there. It's coming through loud and clear. This editorial is spot on. It is amazing that you jumped straight to the hate-monger talking points. What about retirees who are on fixed income who worked all there life? This lazy, criminal class you refer to have children, guilty by birth right I guess.

There you go again

"Place the burden of balancing the books on the backs of our least fortunate citzens". That same old tired arguement. Did you ever ask yourself why they are the least fortunate? Could it possibly be because they made bad decisions? You know, like dropping out of school, doing drugs, having children out of wedlock, or joining gangs. These things are never discussed by liberals. Yet, these decisions are made by children every day of the week. Just once I'd like some liberal journalist to point this out. But it will never happen. And I have wtitten comments about how states like Florida, Texas and Tennessee have no state income tax and yet they do just fine. I have brothers who lives in all three, so I know what I'm talking about. And why can't the recipients of our welfare state do with a little less? We the taxpayer who have to foot the bill are demanded by King Obama that we pay more. The less fortunate as you call them get food stamps, section 8 housing, energy checks, medicaid and many get SSI checks all payed for by the taxpayers. It is time we gat a break. Let the "less fortunate" as you call tham do with a little less.

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