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A piece of a steel beam still stands at the Imperial Tobacco facility. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)

A piece of a steel beam still stands at the Imperial Tobacco facility. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)

Editorial: Explore city's baseball options

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Baseball, the late Major League Baseball Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti wrote, is designed to break your heart, since the game is played in the warmth of the summer sun and the season ends in the fall, when the memory of those sunny days is most needed. It is a sentiment shared by fans of the sport in this region, who find themselves without an area team for the first time in generations.

A local group of investors and business leaders hopes to change that by raising money to conduct a study of whether a minor-league team would generate sufficient support among Greenville residents and its potential economic impact. The idea is attractive, and though a massive investment in public money would seem imprudent, organizers’ efforts certainly deserve community support.

From 1937 to 1952, eastern North Carolina served as a hotbed of baseball, where teams like the Ayden Aces, Goldsboro Goldbugs, Williamston Martins and New Bern Bears competed in the Coastal Plain League. Our own Greenville Greenies, which played from 1937-41 and 1946-49, won the league title in their final year before the team was sold, a few years before the league followed it into history.

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With all the problems we have

With all the problems we have the last thing our taxes should be used for is professional baseball.

$45 Million baseball park used 4 months a year.. or Better Roads

Wilmington just went through this same evaluation. It's all fun/games and everyone's on board till they start passing the hat... and ask whose pocket are we reaching in to pay millions. It is a operation which will lose money from day one (Kinston lost money every year) and require amassively expensive open-air facility which will only be use on select days 4-5 months a year. The citizens of Wilmington rejected a $Multi-Million baseball debt in Wilmington, quite simply because there are more practical every-day needs in the community. Roads, sidewalks, business recruitment, existing parks facilities. Unlike Wilmington, which lacks a major sports draw we already have our 'pro' franchise. It's called East Carolina University department of athletics--- and we pack 50,000 into DF stadium for football, thousands into Minges and Clark-LeClair year around. We also have a hugely popular summer youth sports culture in Greenville. While building a baseball stadium and attempting to lure a pro franchise to come (and stay) here turns many, including me, into a little kid. The fact is we have more pressing needs and opportunities which can positively impact more citizens in a daily tangible manner than a expensive multi-million dollar part-time facility like a pro baseball park. I'd rather take that money and fix our roads, quality of life and incentives for jobs and companies to come here. ,,,,,,, Of course if a lottery winner, shows up with $45M and wants to privately build a baseball stadium count me in.

Not Here

Public money for professional baseball is just a stupid idea. It does not help our economy at all. A Brooklins study done for Fort Myers Florida said this, and said research areas are better for the community. If someone wants to build a baseball park and bring in a team, tell them to use their moey, not my money! I rather drive 25 minutes to Kinston. And where the heck do they bui8ld? The Commons? Maybe tear down "downtown"? What about traffic? Just a waste of time.

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Bless your heart