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Editorial: Fracking advancement reckless

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State lawmakers could have taken a cautious approach last year when legislation to allow natural gas exploration in North Carolina came before them. The process used to extract the energy source — hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” — has yet to be fully vetted for safety, but the Legislature approved a bill to press ahead with authorization, choosing economic potential over environmental protection.

Now the General Assembly appears poised to go one step further as it considers a bill that would erode the modest protections included in last year’s legislation and provide incentives to companies looking to drill here. While North Carolina should strive to develop an energy economy that creates jobs and helps the nation toward independence, lawmakers’ approach to this issue is both reckless and foolish.

When the issue of natural gas exploration came before the Assembly last year, competing bills, both sponsored by Republicans in the majority, would have advanced the process here. One would have taken a go-it-slow approach, by eschewing a deadline for issuing permits until an exhaustive examination is conducted to determine the possible dangers of fracking and how to minimize its impact.

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Yes, because anything that helps jump start the economy, creates jobs, and makes the nation more energy independent must be stopped.

mccrory is a fracking fool.

This guy is outta control with his teaparty zeal. He has and will do a great deal of damage to this state.

This is what happens

This is what happens when liberals meet a real solution to one of their manufactured crises - in this case GLOBAL WARMING. Stall stall delay delay worry, moan, accuse, study study study then say the solution took too long to develop.

I thought fracking was what

I thought fracking was what happened when you hit the downtown speedbumps too fast.


What's the latest status on the new pipeline? This article reminds me of the old cartoon depicting the pilgrims landing with two of my "Injun" wife's ancestors watching. One turns to the other and says, "there goes the neighborhood". And we "palefaces" have been screwing up the neighborhood ever since. Note: Before anyone starts jumping on my political incorrectness, "Injun was a word used by my beautiful Cherokee wife and "her" daughters as they ganged up on me, the "paleface", as in "Hey Paleface, we Injuns want to go out for supper tonight". Family joke. Ever see a snow dance by a Cherokee lady and three Cherokee young girls---in Oceanside California? I have. Had to run them up to Big Bear several times just so they could play in the snow. Great memories. I was and am blessed. Another proof that God has a sense of humor. He makes some of us to fall in love with people of another race and make a life together inclusive of their differences. This "paleface" used to bring a rose to his "Injun" every day he was not gone crawling in the mud for 44 years.

nothing is known fully till we get there!

Let me state, if you would have been around when Henry Ford started pumping out cars and somebody would have told you that 40,000 people a year would die in car accidents ( thats at least 1,500,000 people in my lifetime), Mr. Ford would be selling horses. Now , jump on your horse , guys and go to work. Don't forget your pooper scooper.

Nail meet head

Great comment.

libs lost in 2012. get over it!

To quote your favorite liar, Obama, "elections have consequences". Your side lost. We are going to start drilling for our own resources. Get over it and used to it.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart