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Editorial: Ill will for GOP leaders

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If the North Carolina General Assembly continues with its plans, casting a ballot and adopting a pit bull will be more difficult, and additional hoops will be established for those seeking unemployment assistance. The poor would pay a proportionately higher percentage of their income in taxes while the state’s corporations will see their burden decrease dramatically.

These are only a few of the items being pushed through the Legislature that have many North Carolinians questing the state’s direction under united Republican control for the first time in more than a century. Voters may have soundly rejected a dated and corrupt Democratic leadership, but polls now indicate that few expected so strident an approach by the GOP during Gov. Pat McCrory’s first months in office.

The state found itself on the wrong end of a national punch line recently when lawmakers in Rowan County introduced a bill that, in effect, proposed to declare Christianity the official religion of the state. The legislation called into question the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1803 ruling in Marbury v. Madison that established that court’s power of judicial review.

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Status Symbol of a Thug

As one drives through West Greenville, It's amazing the number of young men out walking their dog during the day. Really, Where should they be.? At work,at home raising their many children with many baby mommies. It's sad that for young black males, I won't call them men (it's a title you should earn)dogs and babies are like trophies to collect. They seem to really love pitt bulls for some reason, I guess it is to make up for something that they are lacking in their life.Money for a dog but no money for their babies. The NAACP should fix its own house before it comes outside and wants to play with the big kids.

*glad the pubs are in and

*glad the pubs are in and making a few changes badly needed. no one wants the poor to suffer, but they are the ones who benefit most from taxpayers whose money pays for section 8 housing, food stamps, subsidized heat bills, obama phones, and other welfare. many of the poor choices they have made have put them where they are. *or perhaps i should say that welfare has GIVEN them so much it has robbed them of any initiative they might have had to make better choices for getting jobs and supporting themselves. *if you depend on others to provide for your every need, then you're almost enslaved to them. will the future generation make better choices?

Trained to be on welfare

Well articulated.

GOP Leaders

Pope and McCrory and the rest of the Republican cronies! What a combination. They will load-up their pockets as well as the rest of the NC legislature at the NC taxpayers expense and well being. Well,NC got what it asked for ,enjoy !!

Photo ID required

So you are saying that requiring photo ID is wrong?...like for buying cigarettes, like for buying alcohol, like for attending the last Democratic National Convention, like for joining the military, like for cashing a check, like for driving a car, like for entering a night club, like for buying a gun...????? Hummmmmmmmm.

the change is good

We voted for a change, we got a change. Finally, after a century of democratic control, maybe we can start on the road to improvement. Did the letter writer really compare gun purchases with welfare? How does me having the right to spend my money, that I work so hard for, to buy a gun, compare to drug testing those who also live off what I work so hard for? It's my money. If I had a say so in it, I'd have them pay for their own drug test every 30 days. Also, no money if a convicted felon is ever caught in your residence. Even if they're "just visiting." While we're at it, let's consider some tax changes. As it is right now, drug dealers and theives don't pay any income tax. If raising taxes on what these "citizens" buy (24" rims, cars, etc.) will reduce my income tax, I'm all for it. One more thing. Why do EBT cards not have the receiptants picture on them?

Hope And Change.......LOL.......NC Style........

The predictable discomfort of the bleeding heart liberals is delicious...........as NC tightens up on moochers and pit bulls.............Somebody call the waaaaaaaaambulance............bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Poll integrity and welfare cuts........It's what's for dinner...........

You get what you vote for.

Before these Teabillies are done, we'll be back to blue laws and separate drinking fountains.

Everybody has an ID

The idea that many poor will stopped at the polls from voting is insane. If they won the lottery, they would surly produce an ID to collect their money. Why should we give government help to those that do drugs illegially? When does common sense come back into the real world. Many are tired of the womb to tomb mentality of many in the democratic party!!!

"Public Policy Polling"

Now that is a non biased source.

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