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Editorial: Late-night vote wrong

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Fighting on behalf of public schools apparently has a political cost, as the Republican-led General Assembly demonstrated with its despicable early-morning action to punish members of the N.C. Association of Educators. By orchestrating a veto override in the dark of night, House Speaker Thom Tillis successfully retaliated against the teachers organization as he pledged in June he would do.

Just as it was wrong for Democrats to use underhanded political maneuvers in 2005 to approve a lottery, it was cowardly for Republicans to use absences to exact political retribution against public school teachers. GOP leaders have since argued that state voters do not care if such tactics are used, and it is up to those same voters to remember this betrayal and to prove them wrong.

As the Legislature readied debate on a Republican budget proposal in May, thousands of North Carolina public school teachers gathered across the street to protest deep cuts to education spending. They feared the loss of teachers assistant positions and support staff that would make a difficult job even harder, though GOP lawmakers dismissed their opposition as unfounded.

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Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Voting gimmicks and unethical tactics are just the way Republicans roll, like when they passed the Medicare Part D BigPharma corporate giveaway, preventing the government from saving a cumulative $hundreds of billions by negotiating for bulk price sales, with a vote held open for several hours longer than announced, giving time to even wake up George Bush out of his bed to twist arms to get just enough votes. Nothing they do amazes me anymore.

The late-night vote was

The late-night vote was wrong..............just as it is wrong to deduct union dues from state paychecks. Let the union collect their own dues and leave the state out of it.

After 100 years of Democratic

After 100 years of Democrat control over the legislature and with all the unethical, immoral, underhanded practices, late night votes, and criminal indictments,the Daily Reflector comes out with an editorial about one vote the Republicans took at night. It was wrong For the Dems to wait for Rep. Brown to be on vacation to take the vote on the lottery,with Bev Purdue casting the deciding vote in favor, and I'm glad you briefly mentioned it,but where was the indignation all these many years for the many "dark of night" Democrat shenanigans? I think this editorial finally solidifies the lack of journalistic ethics and total liberal bias the Reflector has shown for years. I guess impartial journalism has disappeared and now the Reflector is openly pushing their agenda. Why not come out and be honest for once and tell everyone what your motives really are. You should be ashamed of yourselves for your lack of journalistic ethics,but I guess you have to have some first.

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