May 25, 2017

The N.C. Senate took a chain saw to the University of North Carolina law school this month, cutting nearly a third of the state appropriation for one of the nation's older law schools.

The official explanation from the Republican-controlled Senate is that we have too many lawyers in North Carolina.…

School yearbook censors see backlash

May 25, 2017

Three schools made headlines this month for their overreaction to senior quotes in student yearbooks. Officials employed varying levels of censorship, from the modest to the heavy-handed to the extreme.

Poston Butte High School apologized for at least 15 to 20 “inappropriate” quotes in…

Party divides no surprise

May 24, 2017

Would it surprise you to learn that, depending on the poll and specific questions asked, between a quarter and a third of Democrats identify their views on abortion as "pro-life"? And that about a quarter of Republicans identify themselves as "pro-choice" on the issue?

There is no question that…

The work to be done

May 24, 2017

President Donald Trump had two responses to last week's appointment of a special counsel to take over the Russia investigation — one unbecoming, the other somewhat reasonable.

"The entire thing has been a witch hunt," Trump declared at a news conference, denying that there was any collusion…