August 22, 2017


The Grove is a sacred place to the players of the 16 teams at the Little League World Series.

They allow their coaches inside the dorm-style complex on the World Series grounds, but otherwise it is like the world’s most diverse backyard treehouse and a secret password…

EDITORIAL: From regret to sorrow in Greensboro

August 22, 2017

Three days after ugly words and uglier acts in Charlottesville, Va., claimed a life and shook the country, the city of Greensboro said it was sorry for its own tragic chapter in U.S. history.

Specifically, the City Council voted to apologize for the city’s role in a clash on Nov. 3, 1979,…

Bannon and the fall of 'populism'

August 22, 2017

Is President Donald Trump a populist or a corporatist?

Is he appealing to white supremacists as a form of political opportunism — or because, deep down, he sympathizes with their views? Is he the hard-core "fire and fury" hawk of his North Korea statements? Or is he actually a non-…

Southern heritage has no room for hate

August 21, 2017

As one who is quite proud of my Southern heritage, let me be clear. Racism is not and has never been part of that heritage. No, Southern heritage is far from being racist and doesn’t involve Rebel flags and Nazi salutes.

It involves sitting in the back of grandma’s old Mercury Sable…