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Editorial: Not a serious attempt at reform

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North Carolina developed its current system of taxation during the revenue reforms of the Great Depression, seeking to keep state government afloat at a time of widespread hardship. It depended — and still depends — on a relatively high income tax rate and was designed to reflect an economic system driven by agriculture and manufacturing, textiles and furniture.

Such a structure does not reflect an “ideas” economy or one that produces more services than goods, as exists in North Carolina, and therefore the calls for comprehensive tax reform are well placed. However, any proposal that attempts to move the burden for supporting Raleigh squarely on the shoulders of the least fortunate — as the N.C. Senate plan would do — cannot be viewed as a serious answer.

Last week, N.C. Senate President Phil Berger formally announced his proposal for comprehensive tax reform, putting in writing many of the rumors swirling about such a plan. If approved, it would eliminate the personal income tax, corporate tax and business franchise fee in what the Eden Republican claimed would be the largest tax cut in state history.

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Why does Republican ideology hate Christ's Teachings?

As usual, Republicans want to protect their base, which is big money interests, on the backs those who can afford it least. Those with less money spend a greater percentage of their disposable income on essential goods, and schemes like higher sales taxes are the most regressive. Remember what Christ said, "To whom much is given, much shall be required".

Lottery,Boozes, Nails, and Drugs

When those with less money quit spending it on the lottery, booze, their nails, and drugs they will have more to spend on the essentials of life. Air Jordans, ball caps with the stickers still left on, pitt bulls, and Apple Bottom jeans are not essential. Clubbing at night and not working takes a toll on your money. The mentality that the government will provide for you from womb to tomb is embedded in too large of our population. Fix the home, fix the family, fix the problem.

*booze and tobacco are

*booze and tobacco are already HIGHLY taxed. but agree with you that this does let everyone pay taxes--not just those who work. the less wealthy will pay more in taxes, however they benefit taxes that workers pay if they are on any public assistance.

Everybody Should Pay

Eliminating the state income tax and raising taxes on service items is a great idea. Every buys food, gets their hair cut, tons of people get their nails done and use Obama phones. Tax all of those services. It's very simple. You are taxed for what you use and not your income. This will relieve the middle class of having to pay for the "entitled" class. If the tax on getting your nails goes up, less will get them done. Same with the hairdresser and other government supported luxurious that my tax dollars support. Governemnt supported daycare and early school programs need to also be taxed. They should also look at increasing the taxes on booze and cigerates. Easy money since some will buy these before food for their children.

Have a better idea?? DR

Always one to criticize, but where is your idea. Lets see it , in all its wonderful glory.

No Ideas......

Just hatin' on the working class who are more strained than ever to feed all the moochers.........Predictably, they don't want the moocher crowd assuming ANY responsibility...........as in paying a little in taxes..........

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