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Editorial: PCC key to new markets

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North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon A. Decker recently told The Daily Reflector the state’s ability to meet the needs of emerging manufacturing industries is a key component for continued economic recovery. Critical to meeting those workforce needs, she said, is a strong community college system.

Pitt Community College is among the strongest community colleges in the state. Maintaining that strength, however, means the school must keep up with demand resulting from record enrollment growth brought on by the economic recession.

“We’re now seeing some growth in the manufacturing sector and a very high level of interest among companies trying to return manufacturing to the U.S.” Decker said just before the Labor Day weekend. She said the workforce has some catching up to do to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the manufacturing market.

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*PCC wants too much money for

*PCC wants too much money for bond. *they should look at what they already have and move things around. *vote no on the bond.

where are the results to date?? 9.8% unemployment rate

Is it the responsibility of the homeowners of this community to yet support another educational facility in addition to the public schools? I think not. The DR likes to spend taxpayer money but when it comes to their own , they leave Greenville for the non- city taxable ETJ. Practice what you preach Daily Reflector and pay City taxes and then and only then will I listen to your tax and spend rhetoric. See, this is the way it works. The Community College wants the taxpayer money, the students get a real deal on the taxpayer dime, the students then leave Greenville, because there are no jobs, for Raleigh, Rocky Mound and other places and the tab is the homeowners of this County. You tell me how that helps our local community. You are simplistic in your thinking DR and the 9.8 % unemployment proves it.

Jack1919: Without ECU, PCC, and the Medical Center

You would not have to worry about your home-owner taxes because you would not be paying any. Your home would be practically worthless. Greenville would be a ghost town. Work here, own a home here, have a business here? Without our educational and medical institutions you would be ruined and unemployment would be 49.8 percent and rising.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart