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Editorial: Possible harm to UNC system

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Public education consumes more than half of North Carolina’s annual public expenditures, and spending on the 17-campus university system accounts for a healthy portion of that at roughly $2.6 billion. In an era of tighter public budgets, it therefore stands to reason that the University of North Carolina budget would become an inviting target for conservative leaders in Raleigh.

Yet, even as newly installed Board of Governors members speak about eliminating redundancies in the UNC system, campus leaders contend that further spending cuts threaten their academic mission. It is an approach that should strike the East Carolina University as particularly worrisome, given that the school’s commitment to regional service acts as a lifeline to thousands.

While there were many items to like about the education component of Gov. Pat McCrory’s proposed 2013-15 budget, higher education would see further spending reductions should the plan win legislative approval as is. He would impose some $135 million in cuts, that would inflict additional harm after more than $400 million was trimmed from the budget last year.

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These budget reductions will

These budget reductions will definitely affect not only the UNC system, but also the teachers, the students and most certainly the parents who will be forced to pay for extra schooling hours for their children. Visit https://www.carolinabank.com/, if you are in such situation, this might be the best choice to afford a better education for your child.


They need to change the name. UNC is the name of a university that is presently in a heap of dung for it's degree granting practices. It would be far more appropriate to call this governing board the "Board of North Carolina Universities and Colleges". That would at least give the impression that this governing board is statewide rather than sitting atop of Chapel Hill and stop giving the impression that "What's good for Chapel Hill is good for the State". After all there is life beyond the confines of Chapel Hill area of our great state, even if those residing in that area refuse to acknowledge it.

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