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Editorial: Safety tied to city growth

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At its annual planning retreat last weekend, the Greenville City Council expended considerable energy examining ways to make the community more attractive to potential employers. The discussion represented part of a larger economic development initiative whereby the council intends to expand the employer base through targeted marketing, recruitment and other related efforts.

With resources like East Carolina University, Pitt Community College, the medical complex and a diverse, educated workforce, the community is already attractive to potential business. But in some areas — most notably in its instances of crime — Greenville will need to make strides if it hopes to facilitate the type of economic growth that council members and residents alike desire.

The annual planning retreat intends to provide city officials a relaxed and collegial atmosphere in which to take the long view on the many forces and priorities facing the community. This year, members devoted much of the agenda to economic development and the need to make a more concerted effort to reduce unemployment by bringing new business to town.

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it appears that the justice

it appears that the justice depatment is the weak link in reducing the crime problem in greenville.


More cameras, more police , better lighting A stronger judicial system in this county to lock these offenders away.

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