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Editorial: Uncertain future for ECU

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East Carolina University students, faculty, staff and administrators will gather this morning on campus to mark Founders Day, a date that honors the school’s founding some 106 years earlier. It recalls the institution’s humble beginning as East Carolina Teachers Training School and the century of growth that made it a jewel of the state’s celebrated public university system.

The event comes at a difficult time, however, as a Legislature hostile to higher education stands poised to further cut funding for the University of North Carolina deeply harmed in recent years by reduced spending. Not only would that approach undermine East Carolina’s commitment to educating the state’s future leaders, it could compromise its mission of service to a region that looks to Greenville for leadership.

Rick Niswander has spent enough time in academia to know that East Carolina faces some tough choices in the coming month. The university’s vice chancellor for administration and finance recently said budget cuts since 2009 of 16 and 9 percent have forced the school to do more with less. At the same time, tuition has increased steadily, so that students are paying ever more at UNC schools.

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is certainly a fair assessment. Here is a secret...Republicans do not like University Professors...the right often refers to these Professors as elitist that control the entire liberal movement and are brain washing our kids. It is also no secret that Republicans want to shift away from liberal arts and university focus and move to technical training in high school and community college...an effort that if done in conjuction with the traditional liberal arts education would require extra capital investment...but instead the Republicans are cannibalizing the education system by making severe cuts throughout the education system to persue the technical training pathway and others in Raliegh want to give vouchers which will further take away from the public education pot. It is no secret that Republicans view the world as three groups...job creators, workers (who are too lazy to be job creators) and the flat-out lazy. These are the perceptions of a party that must certainly be more complicated and nuanced...but it is what happens when group-think is required by the big money donors and party bosses. Democrats have a whole other set of issues to deal with.


You know some Republicans are professors (and vice versa), right?

Hear that? It's a regular conspiracy!

I think it's perhaps not as sinister as that. But it is sabre-rattling. Tuition goes up and funding goes down. It's a typical squeeze play for a government with an insatiable appetite.

Johnny Cash said it best

A line from "A Boy Named Sue:
"And he said: "Son, this world is rough And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough..."
Time for ECU to be tough and think about giving the taxpayers a break.

The ol' hostile legislature ploy

Pretty funny. I wonder if ECU is smart enough to plot their own future or will they rely only on the legislature? And all this time I thought we had some smart people running the college......and the editorial section of the paper. I sure do hope this will not affect our football and basketball programs. Both are looking up and we all know it takes money to compete at the top level. And baseball, soccer, golf, swimming and volleyball need extra funding. If these funding cuts hurt our athletics then I will be really mad. How can the legislature expect us to compete if they cut our funding? If is just not fair!

Are you confused

Oatmeal--you are aware that the varsity sports are largely supported by donations and revenues, don't you? Faculty and staff at ECU are state employees and like all state employees have had less than 25% in pay raises since 2000 mostly offset by increased health care costs. Oh, they did get a couple of bonus weeks in vacation time thrown in, mostly as an insult. The state has told its lower paid employees to use Medicaid, sCHIP, to get health insurance for their children.. Basically, ECU is operating with a faculty and staff appropriate for 17,000 students, but have 25,000+ students. More cuts leaves nothing left but to cut programs.

Give me the figures, please

"......largely supported by donations and revenues....."
"Largely supported?" What exactly does that mean? I think you may be surprised when you find the real cost of UNC-system college athletics is "largely supported" by the taxpayers. Think of all the money that golf, volleyball, swimming and soccer bring in.


Don't have exact figures, but the minor sports get some off of the money sports, and of course a portion of student fees goes to athletics (a bone of contention with some students), and then some of the coaches receive appointments as faculty usually in the Dept. of Health and Exercise Science, and that is state money support. Financially, NCAA sports make no sense. It is ludicrous to pay for men's or women's soccer teams, golf teams, etc. to fly to UTEP in order to play in front of nobody. I was in Charlotte one time and at least three college teams were changing planes for their cross country trips and none would have more than a couple of hundred people watching, at most. Other than football and men's basketball, all sports should be grouped in regions like PCC is in Region X for their sports. And the football players should organize and demand that 50% of the TV revenue be split with them. What do think of that?

There is a site

There is a site showing the salary of all ECU employees. Google the site and check out how much payroll goes into coaches. Then google the total number of scholarships for athletes. You do realize that is money that would have come to the university in tuition? You can spin it anyway you like, athletics cost a ton. How about those charter flights? Those stadiums don't get built for free. And used only 6 times a year. Also google the various articles on the high cost of college athletics. A real education awaits you. One such article from March, 2013, is "College Sports Spending: The Real March Madness?" By Sean Gregory March 21, 2013 Of course there is much info on the high cost of taxpayer funded athletics. However, if you are a true, true fan you will never believe it. Ask some of the professors (if they are not afraid to talk).

a hostile legislature?

ECU Administrators could care less. Students! Brace yourself for another round of tuition hikes so the big shots can have another raise in pay! When is the DR going to do an editorial about the high pay of the upper 5% at ECU? You know, like your favorite prez Obama keeps harping about. I keep forgetting. These are your people so they get a pass.

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