June 29, 2017

As a boy, I barely knew an adult who didn't smoke.

My mother and her best friend smoked cigarettes at the kitchen table every afternoon. My dad didn't smoke, but all his buddies did. After he died of lung cancer at age 50, Army pathologists said his lungs looked as if he had.

My uncles all smoked…

Sacrificing health care for tax cuts

June 29, 2017

No wonder Senate Republicans drafted their health care legislation in secret. Beneath the surface, it looks no better than the House version that even President Donald Trump has called “mean.” This remains a massive tax cut for the wealthy at the expense of the poor, the middle class…

Budget strikes a balance

June 28, 2017

The main reason Gov. Roy Cooper and other North Carolina Democrats cited for opposing the Republican-led legislature’s new budget plan was that it saved too much and cut taxes too much.

North Carolina would be better off, they argued, if the new budget had been more like Cooper’s…

Can NATO adequately fight terrorism?

June 28, 2017

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has now formally enlisted in the fight against Islamic State. It can begin by helping to stem the flow of refugees trying to reach Europe from North Africa.

This would be more than a humanitarian exercise; it would be a counterterrorism operation. Wherever…