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Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks as he campaigns in Reno, Nev., on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Cathleen Allison)

Cathleen Allison

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks as he campaigns in Reno, Nev., on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Cathleen Allison)

Editorial: Romney offers new direction

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On Nov. 6, Pitt County voters will cast ballots in this year’s general election. Today, The Daily Reflector offers its editorial board recommendation in the race for president.

Four years ago, nearly 70 million Americans participating in the presidential election cast their votes for U.S. Sen. Barack Obama to lead this country. Fearful of a prolonged economic collapse, inspired by a message of change and eager to turn the page on the eight-year administration of George W. Bush, these men and women invested their trust in the promising, but untested, Democrat.

On his watch, the United States can point to modest success in pulling back from the brink of a second Great Depression and is finally seeing some indication of economic recovery and job growth. However, that progress has come in spite of Obama’s imprecise and often misdirected vision for recovery, a haphazard approach that stands as the most compelling argument for the nation to choose former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as its next president.

Propelled by his 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, Obama leveraged a spartan resume and the public’s sincere desire for new ideas into the highest office in the country. While his victory succeeded in erasing a racial barrier to the Oval Office, Obama needed ideal conditions to excel given that he came to the presidency as a novice to governance.

What he inherited was no less than the greatest economic crisis of a generation. With the economy listing and Americans panicking, the measures advanced by this administration were far too short-sighted and ineffective to gain traction. Obama’s focus on an ill-timed reform of health care compromised the type of bipartisan action that would have helped families and demonstrate the leadership the nation expects.

The president can point to modest gains since, but that has not eased the pain of communities like ours. The country can continue down that path of sluggish renewal or it can choose a more seasoned hand. Romney’s experience as a governor and a businessman shows him more capable of tackling the complex economic problems the United States faces.

The president’s job entails more than fiscal matters, and Obama deserves credit for ending one war and slowly withdrawing from another. Romney needs more polish in this area, but every president enters office with that expectation and the governor will rise to the challenge.

This is no easy decision for voters and the public’s hope for Obama’s success makes turning away difficult. However, the present path is untenable and Romney offers the new direction America needs.


Romney offers a new direction....every week it's different

Romney does offer a new direction for this country. Every week he offers a brand new direction than the one he offered the week before. Basically he says whatever he thinks will get him elected, and a member of his own party once called him a 'perfectly lubricated weather vane'. We need someone steadfast, we don't need to change horses in midstream.

Daily Reflector should stay out of support

for Presidential. We already know what a bias paper you are, and it is such a joke.

Why President Obama should be re-elected!

After being elected, President Obama setout to change Washington politics. He was attacked by the right wing, his birth certificate challenged, he was called a lier on the Congress floor, and was subject to vicious attacks that no other President has encounter from U.S. Citizens. Obamacare fairly distributes the cost of health care and keeps cost from rising to absorb the cost of doctors and hospitals treating the indigent. It will also cap fraud and waste. One Republican writer claims that "Our country's very life as a constitutional government is on the line." Here are some facts: Republican Presidents C. Coolidge and H. Hoover deregulated and implemented traditional Republican economics (transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich). The result was the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The federal debt rose from 16.6 percent of GDP in 1930 to 42.1 percent of GDP in 1940 to keep the economy from collapsing. Republican President R. Reagan took office in 1981 with a $2.7 trillion federal debt. When he left office the debt rose to $5.7 trillion, nearly doubled. Republican President G.H.W. Bush, with more tax cuts for the wealthy and war, and pushed the deficit to $6.7 trillion. The Republican controlled U.S. House and Senate pushed the deficit to $9.8 trillion by 2000. Republican President G. W. Bush pushed the deficit to $13.8 trillion by 2007. Republicanism has become a cult of arrogance and ignorance. I have many friends that are Republican, but when I talk to them I realize they have not studied the facts and are caught up in misinformation. The real threat to Constitutional Democrary in the United States is the prospect of electing another Republican President at this point in our history. Did you know that when President Bush left office over 37 States had multi-billion deficits, the World economy nearly collapsed, and we had to launch American Astronauts into space to the International Space Station from Baikeneur, a Russian launch site in Kazarstan. Please! Study for knowledge, not just to reinforce your prejudice. Wake up and go cast you vote for President Obama right now and pray God give him strength to continue to fight to save America.


So The Daily Reflector admits that President Obama inherited one of the worst economic depressions in our lifetime. They admit that the economy is getting better while the world economy is struggling. America is the only positive light in a world of economic turmoil. Then The Daily Reflector said this happened in spite of him without offering any actual statistics or facts to back that statement. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote to return this country to the economic policies that put us in the situation in the first place.

thank you emurphy... you called it

Yep you called it like it is. Return us to the same situation that put us in our current economic situation, yeah right! Daily Reflector is a hilarious joke.

What a Joke.

The Reflector editorial board consists of a Cooke family member and a group of actual editors who aren't voting for Romney. Corporate-owned media at its best!

Papers endorsement

As a republican I am very tired of people accusing us of being against President Obama because he is black. Racism is a term that has increased in volume since the election of President Obama. This is a tired argument that is frankly offensive to me. I am glad our country has come this far that we can elect a black man. What I have issues with is his policies. When he ran in '08 he ran on hope & change. Where is the hope? Unemployment is down only because there are less people in the work place than when he took office. If you add in those people that are no longer counted on the unemployment roles it would be closer to 12%. For the African-Americans it is even higher. This "recovery" is the slowest since WW II. Those on welfare have increased. Women have suffered as well. I am tired of hearing about this war on women from the Democratic Party-I am more than my reproductive parts. "It's the economy, stupid!" as Democrat James Carville penned years ago. As far as change goes, the President stated in '08 that he wanted to change the atmosphere in Washington. How is that working for him? He stated 4 years ago that when a candidate ran a campaign on "small things" he was basically distracting the voters. So let's see: Romnesia, Bird Bird, throwing Granny off the Cliff, calling Romney a liar, he is responsible for the death of a women & my favorite: "Republicans want dirty air & water". Several stated Romney hasn't told us what he will do, well, neither has the President. The glossy book he was holding up recently is a repeat of the last 4 years nothing new. No budget passed in 4 years (all 435 members of the House voted against his budget as well as the Senate). He has not told you what his plans are. Libya is another issue that frankly scares me. That we could not provide help in over seven hours for our people is hard to believe. Who told them to stand down? As another Democratic President said: "The buck stops here." This goes to the top & if you don't think that then heaven help us. Oh, and by the way here are those that have come out in support of President Obama on the foreign front: Hugo Chavez (dictator of Venezuela) , the Castros (of Cuba) and let us not forget our "good friend" Vladimir Putin of the secret little message whispered in the ear of the President of Russian "that I'll have more latitude after the election". Why do these "friends" support him? Because they have no respect for our current President. Yes, he gave the kill order to take out Osama & for that I applaud him but what else has he done? This notion that Romney will create more debt & ruin this country is a Democratic talking point of "little things". Romney balanced the budget in MA & left the state with a surplus, he saved the Olympics from bankruptcy and worked across the aisle with a House & Senate that was 85% Democrats. Yes, he passed health care in MA but it does not compare to the massive bill called "Obama Care". There are at least 21 hidden taxes in that bill that will affect the middle class. Many doctors will stop taking Medicare patients & some employers have already stopped hiring because of the burden of this bill. This is the most important election of our time. Our country's very life as a constitutional government is on the line. Please look pass the talking points and make an informed decision as the Daily Reflector has so rightly done. God bless America & all it stands for!

It is obvious that the country needs a new direction.

Romney will bring back confidence if America.

Re-Elect President Obama

The U.S. was in economic collapse when President Obama took office. The Affordable Health Care Act was in the best interest of all. It is especially good for a community like Greenville and Pitt County with the Health Care industry being the major employer in the area. President Obama has done a superb job considering the conditions he inherited, and the opposition and disrespect he has received simply because of his race. A Romney presidency is likely to result in total economic collapse of the nation, more unnecessary wars, and more profiteering by the wealthy. President Bush took the United States to the brink of its destruction. We must heal the nation and strengthen its infrastructure before we let this group get back in the White House. Vote to give President Obama four more years in office and give him a Democratic Congress. Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Gays, and Independents need to turn out in record numbers along with conscious White males and re-elect President Obama. The Daily Reflector endorsement of Gov. Romney on such a weak and irrational argument speaks volumns. A recent poll showed that 79 percent of Republicans held anti-black sentiments. The Reflector Editorial raises the question of whether they are among that 79 percent. How is the present path untenable and why does America need a new direction? There is no evidence that Romney or anyone else could have done better this past four years. America is moving toward propserity for all. It has come out of a deep hole created by the Bush Administration. Unemployment is dropping,and the economy is recovering well considering where its was when Obama took office. Let us stay the course.

Romney's direction is to give us to China

Romney's direction is to give us to China when he puts us in 7+ trillion dollars of debt and we get in a hole so big that China owns us. Let's vote Democrat to save our country and vote for President Obama! Vote early now!

What New Direction?

If you know what new direction Romney has in mind please tell us. He certainly has not. His "positions" change almost hourly. What we do know is that the repeal of Obamacare will result in 5 million young people losing their coverage. The donut whole for seniors will be open again ($3000 annually in increased costs). Millions of people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be insured. Closer to home, the Romney-Ryan duo will cost us 4,000 jobs at the Med Center and 3,000 jobs at ECU. (They plan to cut spending by 50% on medical research and support for higher education.) But worst of all, a vote for Romney is a vote for war. The same neo-con crowd that launched the Iraq War (4,600 dead, $1 trillion spent)are his chief foreign policy advisers. He himself is clueless on foreign policy. This neo-con group, and their chief, John Bolton, cannot wait to attack Iran. How will we pay for it? No problem. If, God forbid, the Republicans win, the word "deficit" and the phony Tea Party will disappear. Our President got Bin Laden and has kept us safe for four years. The thought of the Bush crowd returning is scarier than any Halloween costume.

Thank you Crusader...

You have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately the evangelicals (and yes I am religious) have given scare tatics and you put it like it is. Bush crowd is scary but let met tell you Romney crowd is even scarier... back to the 60's(Roe vs Wade) and many other issues you mention. He will be right there killing middle class. God help us all cause we have yet to know "his position"


Informative; objective; and caringly worded with hopes for America's future. Thank you.

To truthforAmercia what planet are you from or

what are you smoking? Objective, and caringly? Please check the facts. You and he inhaled in the 60's. He doesn't have any of that in mind.

Obama is the better candidate

I respectfully disagree with this editorial. Publically available data at the Department of Commerce and the US Department of Labor show that by several measures, the economy was going downhill before Obama was elected and started to improve a few months after he was elected. These measures include: The new unemployment claims The Gross Domestic Product Median Weekly Earnings The ISM Report on Business shows that manufacturing is up, non-manufacturing business is up, employment is up for the last 36 months. Even the Wall Street Journal agrees. The Republicans made the decision that tax cuts would provide more jobs. Did this work? I don't see any evidence of that. The economy has recovered as consumers recover and most consumers do not get the thousands of dollars of tax cuts that go to people who will spend them in Aruba, and not at your local business. Other data show that the housing market is starting to recover. This is going to be slower because there was a lot of over-building and over-financing, but that is already starting to turn around. Trying to turn around the economy is like trying to turn around a locomotive. It doesn't stop slowly, it takes a lot to turn it around and get it going in the other direction. Why should we go back to the same policies that got us in trouble in the first place? Don't believe me. Look at the data yourself.

*so proud of the objective

*so proud of the objective decision made in favor of romney. we already know what obama has done and it has been disappointing and disastrous for our nation.obama simly doesn't know how to do the job--nor does he want to. *thanks to the daily reflector for making this decision.

Louise,who cares that the

Louise,who cares that the rest of the world supports Obama. We want what is best for America not the global socialists. Thank you to the Reflector for seeing what is best for OUR country and putting political agendas to the side.

we should care

how our allies and rivals perceive the US. Obama and Romney know this, so should we all.

thank you 0219

I was going to post the same thing to Louise, you beat me to it. I too am more concerned about what is best for America, than whatever path other countries think we should follow.

well written

Very well written article. Thank you for pointing out why we need a new president without resorting to name-calling or otherwise bashing our current president. Wish all the letters and opinions posted on here had the same degree of civility and clarity.

Ignore the rest of the world....very sad!

If anyone, including your newspaper, had the greater vision of who the only candidate is who can lead us forward on the global scene, you would realize that Obama is the only choice. Look at this new BBC World Poll. What is the only country of the 21 supporting Romney???? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-20008687


Enough said.

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