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Chris Fitzsimon: 'Extreme ideological budget'

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The closer the dreadful House budget moves toward passage, the more hypocritical those supporting it sound and the more they trot out stale, tiresome talking points and misleading characterizations of the state financial situation to defend their proposal.

Republicans want to slash more than $800 million from the HHS budget, which would reduce or end services to thousands of the most vulnerable people in the state, but you'd never know it listening to the two co-chairs of the HHS budget committee, Rep. Nelson Dollar and Rep. Justin Burr.

Dollar and Burr said they were proud of the budget and that it did a lot of good. Dollar pointed out that the plan protects every mental health bed in the state. He neglected to mention that it cuts $60 million in community mental health services, which would be devastating at a time when the mental health system is staggering to its feet after years of mismanagement and under funding.

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