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Fitzsimon: Berger's Pre-K bluster

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Last week’s narrowly written North Carolina Supreme Court decision about NC Pre-K didn’t really break any new ground. It mostly reinforced the status quo, affirming again that all children in the state have a constitutional right to a sound, basic education that includes access to pre-k programs for at-risk kids.

It also vacated a lower court decision that found new specific barriers to pre-kindergarten access unconstitutional because the General Assembly removed the new barriers that it had earlier imposed.

But if the decision itself wasn’t earth-shattering, the reaction to it spoke volumes, particularly from folks like Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, who couldn’t have been more pleased, saying that the ruling was “a clear affirmation of the General Assembly’s central role in shaping education policy — and the size and scope of North Carolina’s pre-K program.”

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Where does the money come from that will EVER satisfy you and your friends. There are already fewer people paying taxes than those who do not pay.

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