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Fitzsimon: Defeat of voter ID

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One of the best indications of the extent of the damage the current General Assembly has done to North Carolina in the last two years is that analysis of the positive things lawmakers accomplished generally starts with proposals that were defeated.

Prominent on that list was the failure of legislative leaders to enact a strict government-issued photo ID requirement for voters despite virtually no evidence of voter fraud in the state. And it didn’t fail for a lack of trying.

The House and Senate both passed an extreme version of a photo ID bill that would have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of people, primarily seniors, African-Americans and people with disabilities.

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Don't worry

Voter ID is coming. If the socialists continue to be elected, very soon a Voter ID will be required. Why? Just look at all the other socialist countries where much more than a Vote ID is required to vote. Then we will have Voter ID for all the wrong reasons, such as tracking votes, how you voted will determine your status in jobs, unions, and much more. So, fear for Voter ID if this government continues to stay on its current path.

I ask you

Are these things more important then voting? Greyhound bus ticket Alcohol Cigarettes Food stamps Welfare Cash a check Buy a gun Open a bank account To board a airplane Register for collage Medicaid Unemployment Married R rated move Some prescriptions There are many more.

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Bless your heart