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Fitzsimon: Funding discrimination

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Thanks to Governor Pat McCrory and the current General Assembly, your tax dollars will soon be subsidizing discrimination across North Carolina and paying to teach children bizarre fundamentalist theories about dinosaurs and the age of the earth.

The budget passed this summer and signed by McCrory created a school voucher scheme, euphemistically called opportunity scholarships, that will allow almost completely unaccountable and unregulated private and religious academies to receive state funding diverted from traditional public schools.

For now the scholarship can only be used by students in low-income families who attended public schools last year, but don’t be fooled. Rep. Paul Stam, the primary sponsor of the proposal, clearly wants every student in private school to eventually receive a voucher from the taxpayers. He has said as much.

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The schools that accept this money will find that it will be a very stupid mistake. The legislature will change and so will the rules. Recipient schools comfortable receiving the tax payer handouts will suddenly be told that teachers will have to have accredited, or the textbooks will have to be approved by the Dept. of Education, or that they will have to supply a certified Special Ed teacher for LD students. And one day they will wake up and realize that their souls are owned by the Dept. of Education. My guess is that when the requirement is put in that they must treat all people with respect, the good Christians will balk and reject the money.

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