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Fitzsimon: GOP extremist ending

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The chaos of the final week of the General Assembly seems a fitting end to this extremist, out of control session. It had most of the things we have seen for the last two years — misguided right-wing ideology, slimy secret deals, blatant hypocrisy and abuses of the democratic process.

The Republicans mustered the votes to override Gov. Beverly Perdue’s vetoes of the budget bill, the repeal of the Racial Justice Act and legislation legalizing the dangerous practice of fracking in North Carolina.

In each case, a handful of Democrats joined with the Republican majority and the intrigue around why dominated most of the stories about the last days of the session.

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does it remind you of the days

when the king of political patronage and governor for life Jim Hunt and his corrupt democratic proteges Mike Sleazly and trooper freak Puddin Perdue helped to make NC the most corrupt state in the country. tis republican general assembly comes no where close to the corruption, political patronage and smoky backroom dealings for over 140 years by the ousted democratic majority , that had a three generational stranglehold on state politics. Marc " the godfather " Basnight , Frank Ballance, Bev, "big tony " Rand and the democratic mafia rivaled depression era louisana politics of the Long dynasty of Earl k , Huey and their ilk. this republican majority can never reach the legendary status of corruption the ousted state democratic majority, that the good people of this state, finally saw fit to send packing, achieved. its a new day in NC. and state employees and teachers remeber when you go to the polls the republican majority just gave you a 1.2 percent pay raise and an extra 5 days of vacation against the teeth gnashing of the democratic minority and the vetoing of the " thank god"outgoing governor

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Bless your heart