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Fitzsimon: Keeping up with McCrory

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It is getting hard to keep up with all the contradictions, falsehoods and confusing statements coming from Gov. Pat McCrory and his office.

Wednesday morning McCrory appeared at the State Board of Education meeting not long after his Republican colleagues in the Senate ignored his pleas and convincingly voted to override both of McCrory’s recent vetoes. The House voted the same way the day before.

One of the bills McCrory vetoed called for drug testing some applicants for public benefits. The other made it easier for employers to hire temporary laborers without having to deal with the troubled E-Verify system set up to screen for undocumented workers.

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Doing something right

When an elected official makes members of both the Democratic and Republican party angry they must be doing something right. Most of the heat/loud mouths directed at the Governor has come from the far right and far left of both parties.The governor needs to keep working for the middle/moderates. With that being said it is known that Fitzsimon has stated from day one that he and his groups goal is to destroy the current governor.This began before McCrory was sworn in. I have met Fitzsimon and he is a likeable guy but his political intentions are well known.

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