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Fitzsimon: McCrory ad shows worry

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The clear message from the new campaign–style commercial featuring Gov. Pat McCrory misrepresenting the actions of his administration and the Republican General Assembly is that the folks in power in Raleigh are very worried about the overwhelming backlash against their right-wing agenda.

No governor in North Carolina’s history has been forced to air television commercials to defend themselves just nine months into their first term. McCrory and his political team are obviously panicked about the governor’s plummeting approval ratings and the widespread protests against his agenda that are drawing huge crowds at Moral Monday events from Burnsville to Manteo.

The disjointed commercial featuring McCrory delivering a number of carefully staged lines to a series of enthralled supporters at a faux reception was paid for by the Renew North Carolina Foundation, an advocacy group created by McCrory’s supporters that is organized in a way that allows its donors to remain anonymous.

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He should have use voice over

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