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Fitzsimon: Money, lies, power

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About this time in 2010, a number of Democratic legislators running for re-election were being attacked almost daily in mailers sent to voters in their districts accusing the Democrats of all sorts of ridiculous things like freeing murderers and rapists by passing the Racial Justice Act, paying for a luxury pier on the Outer Banks, and “giving Hollywood fatcats up to $20 million for every movie they produce in North Carolina.”

The charges were either blatantly false or egregious distortions of the truth. The Racial Justice Act did not let anybody out of prison and the legislation paying for the pier in question was passed with overwhelming Republican and Democratic support. It was a unanimous vote in the Senate.

The ad about the million dollar giveaway for the Hollywood fatcats might be the most interesting of the three. The issue was the expansion of the tax credits for companies making movies in North Carolina that was included in legislation supported by 19 Republicans in the House, including future House Speaker Thom Tillis.

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