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Fitzsimon: Obamacare has many benefits

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The Affordable Care Act is back in news lately. But most of the headlines have not been about the benefits offered by the law, the millions of people it has already helped, or the upcoming enrollment period for individual insurance plans, but the absurd battle inside the Republican Party to hold the federal government and the economic well-being of the country hostage to repeal it.

The far-right tea party wing of the GOP is insisting that Republicans force a shutdown of the federal government unless the ACA is defunded. North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr called that plan the “dumbest idea” he had ever heard of, promoting outage on the far right.

Many of Burr’s Republican colleagues in Congress are bowing to the pressure of those fringe elements that now dominate their party and are actually supporting a government shutdown or a refusal to raise the debt ceiling, which could have disastrous consequences for the economy.

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Great letter

Burr is doing the right hing and I urge all to call him and tell him so. The tea party is nuts. Their version of America is not something I want any part of and neither would you if you read what they really want. Get out and vote people. They can't stop you.

Another unaffordable

Another unaffordable government program. Quick sign people up for free stuff so they can become dependent. It is likely to collapse the whole healthcare system. Pretty soon only the wealthy will have a decent healthcare and everyone else will have to beg the federal government for whatever scraps they deem satisfactory. People who today have no insurance will dream of how nice it used to be when you could go to a hospital and be treated.

Read the Article and Respond to the Facts

Instead another one of LTP's idiotic responses. This is getting old. You make "Math Teacher" look like a genius.

math teacher is a genius compared to you

You fired another salvo at me crusader and so I'm firing back. As an elite liberal you walk around as being so tolerant of others, yet your attacks on me prove just the opposite. You never have facts to back up your kooky opinions, just attacks. I wonder if you know that there are 3 other plays in your liberal playbook! Divert, deflect and play the race card. You never use them. I wonder if you are just too stupid to know that they exist.

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Bless your heart