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Fitzsimon: Momentum against amendment

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A sense of panic appears to be setting in among the forces who want to write discrimination into the North Carolina constitution. And for good reason.

Almost every day brings more signs of the growing momentum against the marriage discrimination amendment that is on the ballot May 8.

Prominent business people, Republican and Democratic political figures, clergy members, civil rights activists, and community leaders are joining the growing chorus of voices opposing the amendment.

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Real issue

If this amendment fails it will not be because a majority of people in this state are for gay marriage. It will be because people like Fitzsimmon has distorted what the amendment would do. In other words, they pulled the Democratic way of doing things....just lie. In the other states that have passed this amendment, none of the horrible things they say will happen has happened. Just pure Democratic lies and deceit. A warning to the citizens of the country...keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting.

Fitzsimmon would have you beleive half the state is Bisexual

and the other half racist!

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