May 20, 2018

I read recently about a mama raccoon and her four babies falling through the ceiling and onto the living room couch of a Michigan home.

The closest I ever came to that was a lone dead squirrel that wormed its way around the uncompleted mounting of a new ceiling light fixture, was apparently…

Calling the Bluff of El Morro

May 20, 2018

Summer’s coming.

Do you remember the hiss of sunlight all but crackling across your skin? Do you miss the the steamy impact of air molecules careening into your body? Can you hearken to July, to when the air melts over the landscape, when a human radiates ripples of infrared as if a companion…

America's pastime now in living color

May 20, 2018


“God bless America!" I exclaimed to nobody, as the dog and cat watching the Red Sox game with me were napping.

Pitcher Hector Velazquez had induced a timely double play, ending an Orioles scoring threat. Short to second to first; that is, Tzu-Wei Lin (Taiwan) to Brock Holt (Texas) to…

Old farm trucks no longer the best option for new drivers

May 19, 2018

We are fully mobile — as in “auto-mobile” — now that our twins have turned 16 and are licensed drivers. It’s a development that is both wonderful and terrifying, and one that is requiring us to test-drive a lot of used cars.

Since we tend to drive our vehicles into the…