February 23, 2018

As we celebrate Black History Month, one of our goals should be to change the history of African-Americans like my father enduring needless suffering when we die because we don’t prepare for the inevitable end of life.

When my father’s cancer came out of remission in 2010, he declined…

Time running short for candidates to file

February 23, 2018

Less than a week remains until the 2018 filing period ends for people who want to run for the General Assembly and other public offices in North Carolina.

Unless there’s a dramatic rush by candidates on boards of elections around the state, the complexion of the next legislature won’t…

Trump response gets laughs all the way to Moscow

February 23, 2018

President Trump is right about one thing: They must be "laughing their asses off" in Moscow.

At him.

Faced with compelling evidence that Russian cyber-saboteurs worked to sway the 2016 election, influencing swing-state voters with lies on social media and even staging real-life campaign rallies,…

Pennsylvania now key to Democrats

February 22, 2018

Democrats took a big step closer to their goal of winning control of the U.S. House this year, thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. On Monday, the court, which had earlier ruled that the current congressional district lines in the state unfairly gave Republicans an overwhelming advantage,…