September 19, 2017

The annual testing data and report cards for North Carolina’s public schools are out. Here are the headlines. Achievement rose in some areas and declined in others, with most changes being fairly small. Our graduation rate continued to rise, but other data suggest some of these graduates…

The priority is still to save Obamacare

September 19, 2017

Before supporters of universal health coverage get all wrapped up debating a single-payer system, they need to focus on a dire threat to the Affordable Care Act likely to come up for a vote in the Senate before the end of the month.

The latest repeal bill is an offering from Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-…

SUMMERS: Loss sheds ugly light on ECU

September 18, 2017

There was a buzz in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium early Saturday evening.

A few thousand people, maybe, were straggled across the concrete-and metal-colored grandstands in the football home of East Carolina – or is it only ECU now, or maybe #ECU?

The stadium's bells and whistles (and promotions) were…

Different foods represent different regions, culture

September 18, 2017

Nothing screams eastern North Carolina more than whole hog barbecue. From Skylight Inn to B’s Barbecue to Parkers and Sam Jones, good barbecue is not just a staple of the region; it’s a staple of the South.

Barbecue turned into my adopted favorite food when I first moved to Greenville…