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Letter: Be a voice for abused children

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Right now there is an abused or neglected child in Pitt County (and in every other county in North Carolina) who will go to court alone and without a community volunteer advocate unless someone steps forward to speak for the best interests of that child through the Guardian ad Litem program.

Currently, in Pitt County, 130 abused and neglected children are involved in the court system at no fault of their own. There are 12 children who will have to go to court without an advocate, without a voice, because they do not have a Guardian ad Litem.

By choice, some of our volunteers have committed to at least two cases to ensure that all of our children have a voice in court. Although most of our children are currently assigned a guardian there are new petitions coming in with children who will need to be represented. Within the last three months alone there have been 38 new petitions involving children in need of an advocate.

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Ms. Boskey, you are a very special person. I am sorry I cannot do more to help these children. We have an almost 30 % unemployment rate among returning veterans after 9/11. We have a 60+% unemployment rate for students. I implore these to get involved into such a rewarding program. Nothing is better than setting a good example for a child. We are building schools in Iraq, while our own children go hungry and beaten. That's just not right. So, please all you young ladies and gentlemen, get involved in our community. The pay is not nearly as important as saving the future.

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