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Letter: Birther movement disheartening

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We write in response to Howard Moye’s letter in the July 31 Reflector, in which he thumps the tub for the birther movement. Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president has been subject to unprecedented scrutiny, and has been resolved conclusively in the president’s favor.

In his letter, Moye tries to make out former New York Gov. David Paterson as a fellow birther. Paterson, however, has clearly stated his position on Obama: “He was born in Hawaii ... the American people have accepted the documents put out by the White House.” Moye also cited Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s contention that the president’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery. Joshua A. Wisch, special assistant to Hawaii’s attorney general replied, “Regarding the latest allegations from a sheriff in Arizona, they are untrue, misinformed and misconstrue Hawaii law.”

Moye criticizes former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign for avoiding the birthers. But maybe both of Obama’s challengers, U.S. Sen. John McCain and Romney, know something that the birthers don’t; namely, Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate is genuine.

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Compare this

It is real manly and presidential to let your friends call your opponent a murder. He knows it is a lie just little Harry’s imaginary friend on the phone.

Taking away access to health care

Can in fact make you a killer. The ad implied what we all know. And the pubs are mad cause cause the end result of their policy is many people will get sick and die before they have too. Enough.

Yeah I95...

The ad did imply what we already know...Obama is a liar who knows people like you are gullible enough to believe his lies. So, I95, lets set the record straight. This woman died of stage 4 cancer 6 YEARS AFTER her husband lost his employment. This same woman, had access to health insurance through her job BUT OPTED NOT TO BE COVERED. Last but not least, GST Steel was closed when Romney WAS NOT at the helm of Bain Capital. Do you have anymore lies you want to try to perpetuate on the American public? By your logic, we should blame all the deaths in Chicago, over the last 4 years, on Obama. I mean, he was a senator there before becoming president. Yeah, that sounds pretty dumb to me too. Just like your assertion about Romney being responsible for this woman's death. If GST Steel called in Bain Capital, they were hanging over the bankruptcy cliff anyway. You call in Bain Capital as an ABSOLUTE last resort. This man and his sick wife were GOING to lose their healthcare even if Bain wasn't involved. I know I can't change your mind but I want people to see what Obamaites, like you, will stoop to to get your boy re-elected. Obama can be an utter failure as president, have terrorist and racist friends and have a racist preacher he sat under for 20 years. That's fine in liberals eyes. Obama can even appoint a known tax cheat to run the Federal Treasury. Perfectly alright to liberals but the Republican candidate MUST show his tax returns even though that IS NOT A REQUIREMENT to be president! Romney and Obama had the same amount of responsibility for this woman's death...NONE! I95, you are either a liar or ignorant of these facts. Which is it?


Birthers MIT pays no taxes See it? Pubs can't run the birther game then complain when tables are turned. Man up.

Here's a solution.

We can solve this problem very simply the first Tuesday in November. Then it will become just another conspiracy theory of an ex-president. Just a note. I don't recall Obama spending 6 years in the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down on a mission over North Vietnam while fighting for freedom while Senator John Kerry was throwing his "earned" medals over the White House in a protest march.

McCain's birth

The lawsuits over McCain's birth had nothing to do with the validity of his birth certificate. His father was in the Navy and stationed and living with his family in what was then known as the Panama Canal Zone. This strip through Panama was controlled by the US, but also part of Panama. The courts were being asked whether or not this met the definition of having been born in the US or one of its territories. All of this is foofraw over nothing. What we should focus on is: will the Romney/Ryan budget plans, which increase debt greater than Obama's plan, improve the economy or throw the US into a deflationary spiral? When both Obama and Romney say the military option is on the table to deal with Iran's nuclear ambition, do they really mean that they are willing to throw 350,000 ground forces and $3.5 trillion if Iran hits back after being bombed or will they pull a Ronald Reagan and run away? Will Romney repeal the GOP-designed Affordable Care Act and watch the remnants of US health care go down the drain? And...if you don't know what a "deflationary spiral" is, look it up!

We all should know

We all should know what a deflationary spiral is for we have been living it for the past almost 4 years, without a budget, with a borrowed money economy. Socialism is great until the other guy's money runs out, and it has. I don't recall that many Republicans invited into that back room with then Speaker Pelosi as she and her cronies developed the Affordable Care Act with a hell of a lot of empty promises to fence leaning Democrats. Now, you can say today that that Act was modeled after then Governor Romney's Health Care Act, but that would be an outright lie. Just read the two and try to compare. Now, if President Romney and Vice President Ryan assume office in January 2013 and the GOP controls both houses of Congress, abolishment of several overlapping government programs will occur immediately with a zero base budget required to be submitted by every government department to completely justify the need for funding. This will be followed by abolishing the over burdening rules on business, a national energy program of coal, oil, gas, within our boarders, thereby establishing thousands of jobs here. Everyone now receiving an entitlement and/or a disability will be reviewed for actual need. Those found to be in actual need will be retained, the rest will lose it. However, this will not happen until there are jobs waiting to be filled and we have a nationwide healthcare plan that includes free market nationwide healthcare insurance plans, a private "family doctor" program, a maximum on doctor's malpractice awards, and clinics manned by student doctors and medical personnel for those who cannot afford a complete healthcare plan neither of which is government regulated. That's just a beginning. I don't see a deflationary spiral in that except in those who are getting a free ride in entitlments. They will now have to get a job and pay taxes, social security, and medicare just like the rest of us. The more we relax our rules, create more right to work states, and replace public union retirement packages with a pay in retirement plan as is in private businesses, the less debt we create in every city and town. Close the boarders and severly restrict illegal alien access to "free" entitlement programs. The more jobs we create here in our boarders, the less we pay in export taxes to mainly China, then we charge them the same import taxes. Show me another country where someone can sneak in illegally and receive welfare, driver's licenses, food supplements and healthcare for free. High gasoline makes every other commodity go up in price. So the faster we can refine our own oil, the faster our prices decline. Then, and only then do we concern ourselves about "green" energy, after we have a stable economy of American made goods sold to Americans and other countries. That's not "top down" or "bottom up" economics. That good old American opportunity. If one chooses not to get a job, even a beginning minimum wage job, that becomes that person's problem, not the government's. Every American has an opportunity for the American Dream, all they have to do is work for it. Again, there are four ways of making money in America. 1. Earn it. 2. Inherit it. 3. Win it. 4. Steal it. The first 3 are legal. The last is good until you get caught.

Wrong word

Conclusively proving with out doubt: proving a matter beyond all doubt. May I suggest you use another word.

What stands out to me is the

What stands out to me is the fact that the hypocritical media dove on John McCains birth certificate legitimacy and ran with it but they wouldn't get near the story of Obamas. Now, 4 years later, liberals say that "birthers" are a bunch of quacks but Mitt needs to show his tax returns. In Obamaland it's ok for a tax cheat TO RUN the Treasury Dept. Mitt Romney has shown his tax returns. He shouldn't show any more of his tax returns until the third year of his presidency. That is about the same time when Obama provided his birth certificate. That was perfectly alright with liberals but I guarantee it won't be alright for Mitt to do this. Funny thing is, a person's tax status IS NOT a requirement to be president but a legitimate citizenship IS.

Obama's birth certificates

Allow me to correct a few misunderstandings regarding Obama's birth certificates. First of all, Barack Obama wasn't the first presidential candidate in the 2008 elections sued in federal court over his natural born Citizenship credentials. That dubious honor belongs to John McCain. Secondly: Birth certificates are designed to register births, not to prove identity or any other information contained in a birth certificate. In a court proceedings, a birth certificate, once entered into evidence, only proves that a live birth occurred and that that birth was officially recorded by the issuing authority. All other information contained in the birth certificate must be proven by a preponderance of independent evidence. In most cases this is easily accomplished with the addition of the subject's natal hospital records. Again, usually contained in a single document issued by the natal hospital, commonly referred to as the hospital birth certificate. Sadly, to date, Barack Obama hasn't provided one, single, solitary, independent*, corroborative piece of evidence in support of any of the claims made on his two birth certificate, not one -- not even the records from his birth hospital. Since no corresponding evidence has been put forward in support of Obama's birth certificate information, an examination of his Hawaiian Health Department records, starting with the original information the Hawaiian Health registrar used to create their file and trace their path to a live birth decision must now be undertaken. When you stop and consider the stakes; how hard can this be when the worse case scenario for Barack Obama is that he's proven qualified? Lastly, while the 14th Amendment was adopted to guarantee the legal end of slavery, its purpose has long been accomplished and is now used only to allow persons born in this country from non-citizen aliens the right to run for the presidency of the United States. U.S. Supreme Court jurist Clarence Thomas has stated, "The time is ripe to repeal the first sentence of the 14th Amendment"**... so that only those born of two US citizen-parents within the jurisdiction (of any color skin) can run for the presidency of the United States. In other words, persons born in this country from non-citizen aliens would still be US citizens at birth but would have the same prohibition against running for the presidency as do naturalized US citizens. ex animo davidfarrar * independent of Hawaiian Health Department records **All persons born... in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Mr. Farrar said: "Secondly:

Mr. Farrar said: "Secondly: Birth certificates are designed to register births, not to prove identity or any other information contained in a birth certificate. In a court proceedings, a birth certificate, once entered into evidence, only proves that a live birth occurred and that that birth was officially recorded by the issuing authority. All other information contained in the birth certificate must be proven by a preponderance of independent evidence. In most cases this is easily accomplished with the addition of the subject's natal hospital records. Again, usually contained in a single document issued by the natal hospital, commonly referred to as the hospital birth certificate." Mr. Farrar has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. In every state in the Union, a birth record that is certified by the custodian of such records in the place of birth is prima facie evidence of all of the information contained in the birth certificate. The custodian is certifying those facts to be true. To rebut information on a certified birth certificate, it is not enough to say "I don't believe you, show me the hospital natal record". You must come to court with some proof, not conjecture, that some or all of the information is false. So, where is the proof that Obama was born somewhere else? Unless you can bring it, the word of the State of Hawaii is good enough for any court in the land.


why has the president not released the following, if everything is on the up and up? State senate papers Academic transcripts Medical records Small-dollar donors The Khalidi tape The real White House guest list Countless FOIA requests Health reform negotiations Fast and Furious documents

SOS trying to defeat President Obama

All the little minds that tried to discredit Obama in 08 are just rehashing the positions they took in 08. All of this nonsense failed miserably in 08 and it will fail again in 2012.

*whoa! nellie! we know much

*whoa! nellie! we know much more about him as a man and candidate now than we did then. and nearly every day something else questionable comes out that tells us more about this man.

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