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Snow threat leads to Pitt schools closure Read More

Letter: Class checks shameful

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An Associated Press article linked from Reflector on March 1 is amazing. The University of North Carolina system’s flagship school — UNC at Chapel Hill — is sending teams of administrators to classes all over campus to make sure the professors are on the job and that students are attending the classes.

That’s where things stand after 224 years of carrying that flag. Makes you proud to be a taxpayer huh?

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No-show classes

My dentist is a graduate of UNC. Hope he did not get his dental license through no-show classes.

Nothing to $ee here...

Move along...nothing to $ee here...move along....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Nothing to see?

Are you talking about the empty classrooms?

Nothing to $ee here!

How dare you question the baby blue authoratie!

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