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Letter: Concerns on race one-sided

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In response to the S.A. Holt’s letter, your letter would have been great if paragraphs 2-5 were left out.

I missed the memo that said we are to hold hands and sing Kumbaya now that the president was re-elected? I would love to know which fantasy land you’re living in because I would love to go there. My advice to you and every person who feels this way is to find your closest black friend and get some feedback on your concerns because you are just as one-sided as those organizations you’re bashing.

In the case that you don’t have black friends, here you go. Are you forgetting that whites created blacks unequal? “One-sided groups” were created to have the same opportunities. Blacks were imprisoned as slaves and treated like wild animals, couldn’t swim, eat at the same table or use the same bathroom or water fountains as white people.

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Hey M.D.,

Whites treated blacks as unequal but God created us all equal. All these "one-sided" groups you refer to, may have been needed at one time but not now. What is so hard to swallow is the blatant hypocrisy from the black community as a whole. They belly ache and whine about racism and blame whites for their plight. These groups believe there is only one direction racism goes and that is from whites towards blacks. They act like they are fighting the good fight for equality then demand a pedestal to lift them higher than everyone else. Case in point, this black beauty pageant. Was this black girl banned from the original pageant? NO. Could the white girls that lost, compete in the black beauty pageant? So, what message does the black community want to convey, they're so special they get their own schools, beauty pageants and tv stations? Or is the black community telling its own that they can't compete with other races and shouldn't even try. M.D., its people like you and contests, like this "black" pageant that CRIPPLE blacks today! You think this country owes blacks something, I guess because of slavery, and feel you are justified to cry out for equalty then hide behind the race card and demand "extras" like BET (imagine the outcry if there was a WET, white entertainment tv), the black Miss America, black history month etc. In school, my son has had to do a writing assignment every year, not in February, on a famous, influential black person. My son should be able to choose who he writes his paper about but political correctness from people like you M.D., waving your race card, has made everyone so freakin sensitive! No, there shouldn't be ANY months dedicated to one race. All races should be studied side by side, all year long. But hey M.D., I'm white, so you'll just consider this a racist outburst.

*my ancestors were english

*my ancestors were english who had been enslaved by a number of peoples over time. the so-called "native american indians" would enslave members of other tribes they disliked and some european settlers as they came across to settle in the "new land". In fact, there is probably no group of people on earth that hasn't been enslaved at some point in history. african americans can not bear witness that they are the only race of people that were enslaved--they are the most recent here in this country. *negative attitudes and blame is natural in this situation and will probably take a number of generations more before this guilt thing will be settled for any of us.


How many government mandated affirmative actions does the government have to hire "native americans" over more qualified people just because of some bygone guilt? Just for reference, the land we now call the United States was populated by humans long before those whom we today refer to as "native americans" came. So, as I originally stated, there is no American Indian History Month, because no one can define exactly what a "native american" is. If you are referring to those who were here before the European man "discovered" this place as "native americans" you are only referring to a point in recorded time. If not, then just to whom are you referring? The so named "mound builders", those that came across the ice flow during the last major ice age from what is now Siberia? The Chinese who left some traces of landing on our west coast? or what? Please do not use a search engine on the internet, you can find all kinds of myths there, try the Library of Congress as a beginning. It is all a sense of bygone guilt that many of our ancestors, the ones that thought they "discovered" something, did to others. However, many of the Indian nations are getting very rich from the "white man" these days, with casinos on Indian Reservations, which are federal lands. My beautiful wife told me, and others, that fact many times. Haven't seen many political correct African American tribal casinos, have you? Have seen several broke into lately in our area by politically correct African Americans trying to get more "free money" without earning it. Saying "Indian" is not politically correct, but you see my beautiful wife and her sister, and mother and father called themselves just that, along with my Apache long time Marine Corps brother who still lives on the reservation a little north of Yuma, Arizona. Just a note. History records from the logs written by Christopher Columbus that when he came ashore, he carried three items. The flag of Hispania, the Cross of the Most Holy Roman Catholic Church, and a Hangman's noose to kill all those he could not covert to the "only true religion".

M.D. Stop using the black

M.D. Stop using the black victim scam in a "white man's world." This excuse has worn out it's welcome and only the race pimps are still benefiting from it. It is only being used to divide and create animosity for something that doesn't exist.

You call this person a friend?

I think you need to choose your friends more carefully. I hope you did the right thing and told your "friend" to return the shoes immediately. "I was followed and stopped in a local department store and accused of stealing a $500 coat (that my parents bought for me) while my white friend would go to that same store (several times) try on shoes and walk out with them on her feet."

Bygone guilt.

All this letter does is continue to bring up bygone guilt. Once again, we hear the aged old stories of slavery, Jim Crow, etal. All the while, we look that the crime rate and see the truth. As the Detroit councilwoman stated, "we voted for him, now he has to bail us out", as if the president now has to pay for each and every black person that voted for him. It is expected, no demanded. It is akin to the days of "Massa" gives a pretty trinket to every slave girl that becomes pregnant. "Massa" gives a trinket to every slave man that blindly follows him in his ways. Well, today the "Massa" is the federal government. If the federal government does not provide, then it is stolen. After all, we are poor folks and those rich folks owe us for all that bygone guilt. As to so called "Black History" month, the question is why? Why not a "American Indian, German, Italian, Hispanic, Irish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern Islamic History month. Because all those were treated as second class citizens and one time or another in our history. If one takes time to learn the history of our country, one will find that we are all descended from a form of slavery before we realized "the American Dream". My own ancestry is coming here on a prison ship from Ireland and taking two generations to win our freedom from those who owned us. But, we don't have a special "Irish History Month" to pay back all the wrongs that was done to my fellow Irish men and women. We don't have an affirmative action program to hire the Irish ahead of other qualified men and women. My wife was Cherokee. Check out her ancestry and see how they were treated as non Americans. There is no "American Indian History Month" nor affirmative action to hire them before a qualified man or woman. Many still live on reservations. Long recognized sacred lands, or just lands set aside to keep them apart from the rest of the "real" Americans. You want poor? Go to a country and walk down a dirt path to see a young child, naked, coming toward you. It's stomach is distended from hunger, you can count every rib. It's eyes are sunken back into it's head in large black orbs. It slowly hold out it's hand and just stares at you. You quickly fumble in your pack and find some food, a spare candy bar, and hand it to the child. Then you get the look of pure kindness as if you are an angel that just came from heaven. That's poor. Many of us in the military have seen and done just that. 99.9 percent of Americans cannot even think in the terms of poor. Today, it has become "You got it, I want it","You must share your wealth". "It's not fair". Well, all that is what comes out of the south end of a north facing bull, just like this letter. You and I did not make ourselves our skin color, that was given to us by our parents.

alone wrote: There is no

alone wrote:
There is no "American Indian History Month"
Yes there is. It was last month. http://nativeamericanheritagemonth.gov/

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