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Letter: Four-unrelated outcome moot

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The controversial four-unrelated persons rule has created so much debate in this town. You can easily argue both sides of the issue. Reality is, only six houses have been converted to this new available variance.

This equates to six more people living in the college area. That’s quite a lot of talk for really a moot issue. Unfortunately, it’s been blown out of proportion of reality. My understanding is that four unrelated people can already live in most every college town in North Carolina except Greenville and one other city. Some have argued that it’s “coming to a neighborhood near you.”

Reality is students only want to live near campus, not in Brook Valley or other neighborhoods. And 85 percent of the university neighborhood is owned by investors, so how can you say 85 percent is special interest? They are the majority by far.

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Four unrelated

Sorry Mike , but if you don't live in the overlay neighborhood you don't know or understand the reality of it. You say only 6 houses have been converted to cash in on the revised occupancy? Well, there are plenty of houses under the radar that are being converted or were already cramming in four or more occupants. But if the owners happen to get caught now without having applied to allow this it will just be a matter of doing some paperwork. A number of the rental owners who applied to allow for four unrelated, do not even live in Greenville. Out of sight, out of mind, pockets lined with cash. This is mining a neighborhood. And for the record, this issue was not just politics - there was huge public opposition to the overlay, there still is and it will be taken back to three in the very near future. In the end the public good will trump greed.

You Said It, Loca'

You said it all. Soon to be ex-Mayor Thomas didn't understand that his bully-boy rude manners was what got folks outraged. The rule is bad, sure--but grown people don't take to being lied to and shoved aside in the same breath. The meeting last spring was the night he lost the election.

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