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Letter: McCrory 'breathtaking,' refreshing

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Gov. Pat McCrory indeed is breathtaking, just not in the way Chris Fitzsimon (“McCrory’s Medicaid stance stems from mistrust,” Feb. 17) characterizes. Fitzsimon criticizes the legislature and McCrory for saying no thank you to the federal government’s proposed increase in reimbursable Medicaid spending, adding 500,000 people to the Medicaid rolls and billions of dollars to the cost of the program. Maybe our officials know two things:

The first, that in North Carolina, the Medicaid program is rife with mismanagement and waste. Our own state auditor issued a scathing report in 2011 as well as more recently on the failure of officials to adequately control and monitor cost. To wit, the program spent $25 million in a failed effort to not one, but four software developers to create computer models to uncover and pinpoint Medicaid fraud. This program is in total disarray. It will take time to resolve the problems with the program. In no way is it ready to manage a 33 percent growth spurt, regardless of who pays for it.

Secondly, the deficit spending has to stop. McCrory and the Legislature have said no to Washington’s spending. They are saying, “Washington, you don’t have the money you’re promising for this program expansion.” And contrary to Fitzsimon’s rationalization that it’s based on mistrust, the truth is it’s based on the courage to challenge unbridled spending in Washington, with money Washington doesn’t have, thus further exploding our deficit and national debt.

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High Five

It's about time we get a Governor in office that is for the working people and not the freeloaders. To all you that expect something for nothing. Your gravy train ride is over!

Well said

We all need to tighten our belts!

breathtaking alright

It's the stench of mc-cronyism that takes my breath away.

You are referring

To be sure, you are referring to the "stench" left over by the previous two administrations. Tell me, does the 2nd previous governor's wife still have her state paid job at NC State? Does the previous governor's sons still have their state paid postitions in the state government? Has Governor McCory taken the education department and the transportation department under his personal guidance as the previous governor did? Just wondering.

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