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Letter: Musical conveys Nazi horrors

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“Come fly with me, we’ll fly away to the moon.”

I saw the last performance of Cabaret on Nov 20. The music and the story of this musical is a tragedy that should always be presented over and over. New generations should see this bright presentation of a dark period in world history. It is seduction, the musical, at its strongest for the most dangerous purpose.

We saw an incredibly accomplished company: mostly ECU students, every one in great voice; great orchestra; good direction; a very smart set design; and seamless changes on stage told its part of the story with clarity.

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*i, too was disappointed to

*i, too was disappointed to see what happened at the UN today regarding the palestinians. what does this mean for the US and for israel? iranians must be happy/ *i was out of town and was unable to see the musical. would love to see a repeat.

It seem the rest of the world has forgotten

Yesterday, a day that will live in infamy, The United Nations voted to give the Palestinians the first step toward statehood. This, within a week of those same Palestinians sending hundreds of rockets into the nation of Israel. We are witnessing a form of Nazism arise again. In fact there was an Islamist Division attached to the Waffen SS in WWII used to round up Jews without regard to whether it was dead or alive. It appears the majority of our world wants to rid it of Jews. As the Pharaoh said to Moses, "Where is your God when you need him". One has to wonder what the answer will be. I must say that our UN abassador, who has been absent from many meetings of the General Assembly during the Israeli question finally spoke up for Israel. One would hope that that portends of a change in position in this current and future administration. Only nine nations voted against the Palestinians. Let's hope that those nine nations band together to help Israel defend against the coming onslaught of Islam and its long stated mantra of wiping the State of Israel off the map.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart