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Letter: Note local campaign financing

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On Feb. 6, columnist Chris Fitzsimon wrote about the influence of money on North Carolina elections, observing that a voter who raises money means more to a politician than one who does not. He wrote that the system is broken and money means more than ideas.

With that in mind, it is helpful to review who paid for the candidates in Greenville’s recent mayoral race. Five weeks ago I looked at the preliminary campaign finance reports.

At that time Pat Dunn’s campaign had been given a bit more than $15,000 from roughly 270 individual contributors. Where listed, most of these contributions were $100 or less and came from a broad array of occupations. “Retired” was the most common occupation listed.

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jack1919, The Hilton contract renewal was passed by unanimous vote of the council. Mayor Dunn did not even vote. In view of the unanimous vote, your observation that it was "to the detriment of the taxpayers" seems a minority viewpoint. I like minority viewpoints having held dearly to many. You are also correct that as Mayor, Ms Dunn was "party to that agreement." As Mayor she is "party" to all council actions, even many she might not otherwise support.

Disclosure is a good step

I believe that transparency and disclosure are important pieces of any healthily run democracy. I also think, especially for higher offices where much larger sums of money change hands, some campaign finance reform is needed too. The Citizens United ruling makes that a difficult goal to aspire to, but here is one idea on how to deal with that (see link). At best disclosure, like an x-ray, can find the problem, it can't treat it too. http://movetoamend.org/model-resolution


You neglected to mention the money Ms. Dunn received from the owner of the Hilton, which was substantial, right before a vote on the renewal of a 10 year contract that significantly benefitted the Hilton to the detriment of the taxpayers. Ms. Dunn was a party to that agreement as mayor!! My motive for this letter is not to highlight any evil. But, It cuts both ways, buddy.

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