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Letter: Picture Uptown Greenville in 2024

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After Monday’s Dickinson Avenue workshop, I challenge residents to imagine what Uptown can be.

A local resident or visitor approaches Uptown Greenville on the 10th Street Corridor and takes the off ramp to Dickinson Avenue. There’s a flurry of activity at the baseball park where the Greenies have a home game tonight. Vendors are unloading souvenirs, hotdogs, sodas, and frozen treats. The brew pub has a raffle drawing for tickets to tonight’s game.

At Go-Science, there’s a parking lot of school buses for the hands-on “Our Part in Our Universe” event. The Scullery and Winslow’s arrive with box lunches. Let’s hope they wash their hands before the ‘hands-on’ activities begin.

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*I see empty wallets for all

*I see empty wallets for all taxpayers and folks standing around asking how do we pay for this?

For Sale

Where will they sell the kevlar vests? I forsee an area where the children can take unicorn rides while watching puppies slide down rainbows as well.

Uptown 2024

I see more plans being developed in 2024 to redevelop downtown. And then a proposal to demolish the building that houses all the previous redevelopment schemes, the weight of the previous redevelopment plans estimated to be over 540 tons. I see a recycling company offering $18,000,000 for the paper in the old plans. How many plans have we had? Yet development moves away from downtown except for that which serves ECU.

a pipe dream, ann

Until we rid our selves of section 8 housing, where most of our thugs are bred, and rid this city of crime, drugs, prostitutes, thieves and murderers, this will never happen. It begins with a bulldozer and wrecking crane and at the same time electing judges who are more concerned with protecting the citizens than they are with protecting the rights of criminals. It'll never happen! To all you liberals out there, here is your dose of realty for today! It's a tough pill to swallow, but try anyway.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart