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Letter: Pot, video poker hold budget cure

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Our state leaders are stammering and sputtering as they search their intellect to come up with pain-free ideas to balance the state budget. Wake up, everybody. It is time for common sense to overrule foolishness and political prostitution. People are being taxed to the brink of asphyxiation, while millions in potential tax revenue is being overlooked in two major areas.

One of them is the legalization of marijuana. It's no worse for the body than alcohol (probably not as bad), cigarettes, sugar, salt and many of the drugs approved by the FDA with numerous side effects. Studies have proven that it's medicinally beneficial for several illnesses.

The other area is video poker. While reading Chris Fitzsimon's column in the Feb. 13 Daily Reflector, he writes about the possible effect of legalizing video poker in North Carolina. He states that the industry would probably have little concern regarding the “effects on poor neighborhoods,” a valid concern that should be taken into consideration should it become legal. I'm not advocating that the businesses should be targeted in poor neighborhoods only, but I think poor people would rather see legalized gambling in their neighborhoods versus hard-core drug dealers and thieves hanging around all hours of the day and night. Not all poor people gamble or mismanage their finances, but those who like to gamble have always known where to find the hookup, whether legal or illegal. They're poor, not stupid.

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What a stupid letter. Studies

What a stupid letter. Studies in California show increases in local crime and violence in communities when gambling was legalized. Marijuana has been shown to cause cancer in studies with laboratory animals and may have more carcinogens than tobacco. Why don't you think for a minute before you write something. Better yet, just stop writing.

Oh, Shirley, what an open mind

For you to advocate the legalization of pot and video poker for the sake of the tax revenues that would bring in, is very libertarian of you, but would not win you much favor amongst the ultra-religious folks in the area. But if you are going for revenue gleaned from 'sinful activities', you forgot to advocate for legalized prostitution. Why not go for the whole trifecta?

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