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Letter: Pungo closing should be warning

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It breaks my heart to read the recent letters to the editor concerning the closing of Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven. I hear the cries of people lamenting the anticipated loss of this trusted institution, but I wonder, as I read John Scott Ellis’ vitriolic rant against the Board of Directors of Vidant Medical Center (“Hospital Closing will kill people,” Sept. 10), if perhaps the real focus of his anger might more appropriately be directed toward our N.C. General Assembly.

The N.C. General Assembly earlier this year rejected federal Medicaid expansion, cutting, in effect, health care coverage for 500,000 of our state’s poorer residents — many of whom depend on emergency rooms, our current form of “universal health coverage” — affordable only because many hospitals serve the indigent with no health coverage.

I support universal health coverage — and recommend that religious leaders, in particular, take time to get trustworthy and reliable information in the final run-up to full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Because our Legislature and governor have opted to do all they can not to cooperate with the Affordable Care Act, there won’t be enough money available in North Carolina to have an adequate number of paid navigators to help uninsured people sort out their options for a plan that is best for them. Not having Medicaid expansion is not just hurting the poor in our state. It’s hurting hospitals.

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Vidant wanted to wait to announce the Belhaven hospital closing but someone in their employ leaked it to Washington Daily News. So they had an emergency board meeting on a Wednesday and made the announcement. That was before the bill being used as a reason to blame the closing on McCroy was passed. Timing is everything. CEO Hermann said the reason for closing was an old building and the chance of floods. That all changed once the bill was finally passed. Then a Vidant press release traded blame to the bill, which Dr Hermann has denied Vidant provided, even though it was printed in several local papers including Washington Daily and Coastland Times. Dr. Hermann you gotta get a hold on your PR folks. They are making you look foolish. Maybe your not paying them enough like the executives that surround you.

It can't be Obama's fault...

Obamacare is McCrory's fault. He should be eviscerated.

*even bill gates is speaking

*even bill gates is speaking out against obamacare saying we need to start over. and he was a big Obama supporter.

Pungo Hospital Closure

The NC state legislature and governor McCrory are indeed at least partially responsible for the closure of this facility. Rejection by NC government leaders of Medicaid expansion is a big factor and all the people of NC need to realize this as well as the regressive tactics these politicians are using to take over state government for their own private benefit. The only expansion and growth that MCCrory ,Pope and these politicians are concerned about is the expansion and growth of their own bank accounts at public expense. These fools need to be run out of office at the next election if not sooner.

Rev. Hudak is correct

Blame should be placed where it belongs, on the head of the N.C. General Assembly. We all need to take a closer look at the harm to all of us caused by our legislators.


deros wrote:
Blame should be placed where it belongs, on the head of the N.C. General Assembly. We all need to take a closer look at the harm to all of us caused by our legislators.
The Rev is not correct and those who are willing to consider ALL the facts realize that.

"trustworthy and reliable information"

Rev Hudak, first you should began by making sure you have "reliable and trustworthy information" . The amount of money that the medicaid expansion would have provided to Beaufort County would not have made a difference due to the amount of money the hospital in belhaven was losing. And the fact is that hospital has been losing money for years. You attempt to blame our current legislature and Govenor but yet either do not know or intentionally do not mention the amount of money being taken away from Medicaid and Medicare to fund what Democrats are calling a "trainwreck"/ Affordable Care Act. Which in reality is not making health care more affordable but with each new regulation and tax that is implemented is driving up the cost of health care. Not only the cost of care is going up this poorly designed govt takeover is costing jobs. Fact is there are ways to provide the poor w/ healthcare and some of those plans were offered but ignored. This is in reality a liberal slow walk to the ultimate end of govt controlled single payer. The lies about this affordable care act are piling up daily but ignored by those who think they have "trustworthy and reliable information". I know it is hard to believe but there are some who do not need or want the govt controlling their lives from the cradle to the grave. I for one do not trust the govt that much.

horsehocky, Rev, bob

The Pungo Hospital has been losing money for years. Gov. McCrory has been in office for 9 months. You libs blame Republicans for everything since the beginning of time to the present. Nice try! Nobody with a brain is buying it! And He is doing what a majority of voters elected him to do. Undo 114 years of liberal democrat regimes!

You're right, it's all about

You're right, it's all about the money. Everything should have a dollar sign next to it.

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