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Letter: Recognize credentials equally

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I loved the photo of my husband and me with our friends that you printed (Scene Around: Festival of Hope, April 19). What I did not love was the way you completely erased the professional identities of the women while promoting those of the men.

The caption to the photo read: “Drs. Raj Sidhu and Keith Begelman with their wives, Nicole Sidhu and Raquel Begelman.” Both Raquel and I are professional women with identities of our own. I am an associate professor of English at East Carolina University and hold a doctorate, so if you were using that title for the men, you ought to have used it for me, too.

Raquel Begelman is a nurse who is working on her master’s degree in nursing. It is the year 2013, when medical doctors come in either gender and spouses of medical doctors are also often professionals. It would be nice if, at some point, The Daily Reflector would show us that it lives in 2013, instead of 1953.

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I suppose there is nothing else to do but complain

As an Associate Professor of English at ECU and obviously a person with far too much time on your hands I would expect such a nit picky and petty response about your "title". I think pepe served up a big helping of humble pie when he/she said "the more you educated degree holders think you need to be recognized, the less respect i have for you". Its true, you are putting yourself on a pedestal and creating a boundary between yourself and "regular" folk. "Now I don't have no fancy degree and such from some big named university with them concrete ponds but I reckon I know a little something about humility". This is obviously something you did not acquire with your degree but rather a minor in pettiness and insecurity. Just in comparison, I don't see many medal of honor or silver star recipients these days going around flaunting their hard work in others faces but rather accept in their own minds and hearts what they have done and not worry about what the world thinks of them, these are professionals. These photographers run around these events like mad men, sometimes covering multiple events in one day. They are freelance so the pay is low and they usually balance these jobs between school and other employment. They do an excellent job of covering key events in the community and do their best to get captions for the people so those photographed can get recognition for being at the event. A simple mistake like this is completely acceptable and hardly warrants a response from the upper echelon of the ECU English department.

*why is it that those folks

*why is it that those folks with a 'doctorate' degree think they hold any special attention--male or female? yeah, we all know you went to college longer, but frankly, (depending on the major) the further up the grad latter you get, the easier it gets. it's all an endurance course. *the more you educated degree holders think you need to be recognized, the less respect i have for you. people have far more respect for when they just "find out" your're educated than when you demand it be recognized with a title in front of your name.


It looks like it's been corrected, now you all can be normal folks, like the rest of us.

just a short caption or perceived slight

this letter had me pausing for a moment to consider the writers comments in a more thoughtful way. she has a point but maybe not in the way she wrote about. just in casul noticing of photos many are written with just the mane; no mr etc. why the special dr for doctors or these doctors in a social situation. maybe in the future listing the names of those in photographs will be enough to be fair to all.

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