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Letter: Right to bear arms under attack

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A question to all American citizens: A very prominent political figure on a nationally televised news program says “the idea that there’s overwhelming additional security in the ownership and carrying concealed and deadly weapons ... I think it’s the premise, not the constitutional right, but the premise that it makes people safer is one that I’m not sure of.”

Would you agree with that statement? Do you believe it’s not your constitutional right to bear arms? According to the Second Amendment it is. If you were about to be robbed or assaulted would you not feel more protected if you were armed?

According to Gun Owners of America firearms are used by law-abiding citizens against criminals as many as 2.5 million times a year. This means that each year firearms are used more than 80 times more frequently for protection than to take lives.

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The NRA was given a great endorsement, and for a time, was led by Moses.

Changing laws

Harvey101--If re-elected, Mr. Obama cannot change the laws or the Constitution. He can have a member of Congress submit a bill and then it would have to go through the process and if approved end up on his desk for signature. He could ask for an Amendment, which would require not only passage by both Houses, but then ratification by a super majority of the states. Neither will happen, except possibly regulation of sales at gun shows. Idoubt that even a limit to 10 rounds for a magazine would make it through. And probably both would be appropriate. Don't buy into the nonsense spouted by the NRA, they are front for the manufacturers who are doing everything possible to boost sales to the unwashed.


he doesn't have to change the constitution, he doesn't follow it or believe in it.............

Supreme Court nominees

Profbam, you seem to be forgetting the Supreme Court. If BHO is re-elected he will most likely nominate two or three people to fill Supreme Court posts that will soon come open. If that happens, the slim 1-vote majorities in recent cases such as District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago will evaporate. Some of the present justices (Sotomayor, Kagan) already have more-than-questionable attitudes toward the Second Amendment. A few more justices of their ilk, and many of our present gun rights will go away. I'm buying what the NRA says about this, since it's based on demonstrable fact. The NRA represents gun owners like me; not just the manufacturers. And FYI, I wash every day, thank you very much.

Again, Nobody is Coming to Take Your Guns

It's like talking to the mentally ill--you don't listen to or reason about anything. Bobalu, how did Hitler make people buy guns? Where were they buying them in Nazi Germany? John H, the Post article is about large capacity pistol magazines. Who needs that crap? Isn't 17 down and one in the pipe enough? You don't like Obama--I get it. Just say so. We all still have, and always will have the right to defend our property, families, and ourselves. No socialist horde is coming to require you to open your home to 'others', gay people, other races and religions. No SS or Red Army division is poised to take you away. Lo and behold, the President is not a king, a dictator, or even the boss of Congress. He is entitled to his personal opinions and beliefs just like everybody else. He can't wave his scepter and say "I decree that there be no more guns in the hands of my subjects!" It doesn't work that way. Nutty ranters, you just don't want to see how things work.

It's Ironic but Obama has done more to increase gun ownership

than any one in modern times, except maybe Hitler...

Obama wants gun control

On March 30, 2011, Jim and Sarah Brady met with President Obama at the White House. He told them, "I just want you to know that we are working on it....We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar." http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/over-a-barrel-meet-white-house-gun-policy-adviser-steve-croley/2011/04/04/AFt9EKND_story_2.html If he gets re-elected, you can bet that some of these "under-the-radar" intentions will become actions. When Obama taught at the University of Chicago, he told Prof. John Lott, "I don’t believe people should be able to own guns." http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2116714/posts Here's one reason why I'm glad to be able to carry a gun -- "Video: Would-Be Robbery Thwarted by Concealed Carry" http://www.gundigest.com/gun-videos/video-would-be-robbery-thwarted-by-concealed-carry?et_mid=548037&rid=2109667

Nobody is Coming to Take Anybody's Guns

Richard, you said in your first sentence that Joe Biden said he questioned the premise of being safer when one carries a gun, but that he didn't question the constitutional right to do so. Then you seemed to ignore what you just said and took his personal doubts regarding a premise-an opinion or hypothetical-rather than a right that is indeed spelled out in the Constitution, as a call to revoke that right. Calm down, Bud. I am a Democrat, a veteran, homeowner, and I have a number of guns. Nobody is coming to take them. And the ludicrous comment from someone else about the NRA turning the election for the Repubs in 2010? That's ridiculous. Targeted spending in key districts by the same old Republican funnel operatives got it done. The NRA is a lobby for gun manufacturers. They pay for the NRA.They don't give a hoot in hell about your rights or freedom or anything. They want to sell guns--for money. They have my money for the guns I bought, and I won't give them more than they overcharged me already. And poor saps that feel threatened by a changing world give the NRA MORE money in dues. How many ATF agents do you think there are? It's around 2400. How long do you think it would take them to take every gun in, say North Carolina? Or where would they start? Raleigh? And then...? Would the local police join them or resist? It can't happen. And don't tell me that's what the Germans said before Hitler. We have way more guns than they did. And better ones too. If you hate Obama just say so, but quit all this crazy talk about socialism and police states. And where the heck is 1940? Come on, '40, get on in! I miss you, pal!

Gun Laws- U.S. Constitution

"Heck, even Obama, and he taught constitutional law, doesn't understand it or how it works. Democrat or Republican, that is unacceptable" I suppose all the folks responding and criticizing understand all there is to know and understand about the U.S. Constitution ? Or law in general ? Or life in particular ? Get real people.

The Shadow Knows

"Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men," the Shadow knows. A phrase taken from an old radio program that has new meaning in today's times. Does the far left desire gun control? It is true that that has not been a front page story during this administration. However, I do recall during the Vietnam War a radical far left group called the "Weathermen" led by William Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dorhn, now teaching professors in our universities. They blew up communications stations and other buildings. It is not scare tactics of thinking Americans. It is genuine fear of the future given the last three year's actions of this administration, the recent protest marches led by rabble rousers of a black/hispanic/white confrontation resulting in a useless death still under investigation by state and local authorities, but already tried and found guilty by the media. It is the "bounty" placed on the hispanic/white man by a group of militants. It is the fear of riots if the current president is defeated in the upcoming election. It is the fear of the rampant crime in our local area as three store clerks following the American Dream are gunned down for a few dollars by men that also look like they could have been the current President's sons. I see no vigil on our ECU campus for that action. Why? I can only assume that is what is being taught in our schools and colleges today. Civil protest has taken on a new and very dangerous meaning and premature candlelight vigils are now common. I give you the Duke Lacrosse case as an example. Same rabble rousers, same militant group as I recall. That is why many of us have concealed gun permits. However,those permits in and unto themselves become a problem if a federal government decides to revoke all gun ownership. There is a clear path to the owner on record. Therein lies a new and alarming concern.

Gun Control issues

Since the last election when a majority of the Reps. defeated Dems the NRA and it's political arms have become a factor the Dems. don't want to fight. Obama as an elected official in Congress voted and made numerous statements against gun ownership. He has sworn to uphold the constitution but dares the supreme court to find his Obamacare or Obamascare unconstitutional. He mocks and questions the three branch system and implies anything he wanted passed should be left alone. Name calling and intimidation are not the marks of a world leader unless that leader is a dictator. Think about his recent statements to Russia. Think about the recent attempt to ban guns in a UN treaty think about other Dems. and their open mouth/mic issues that said they were just waiting to get to the guns. Obama is a sly fox. They know the NRA changed the political balance during the last election. They also know that if re-elected Obama will use (whether or not it is legal) his pen to make Presidental policy against the rights of the Americans in support of his liberal agenda. I look at Obama like the government looks at Russia/Iran/N. Korea they are all capable of causing major damage and they don't care about their people just the leader's ideals. Obama's history and previous statements show through clearly. Whether he is a lame duck for a couple of months or for 4 more years he will hurt the citizens by changing the constitution and laws to fit his agenda. And yes I vote but not for a party but for the person. I vote to support the Constitution and the rights of the American people. Remember the first thing governments do to take over a country is take away the citizen's rights and especially the right to own guns. The history of America is loaded with comments of the great minds of the time that support the original writers idea that gun ownership is necessary for the citizens to protect society as a whole against a government takeover. When you take the guns you take control.

Bogus argument

The Obama administration has not introduced one law to restrict firearms. Even after the shooting of Cong. Giffords, there was not even an attempt to restrict the size of magazines. The first ten rounds were on the shooter, the next twenty-two were on the NRA. I have a conceal carry permit and I live in a very remote location and so keep a couple of pistols available in my home--if I have an emergency I could easily have to deal with it on my own for at least 45 minutes. But I don't feel safer when I carry a weapon off of my property. Some have a false sense of security and that can lead to bad decisions as happened with Trayvon Martin in FL. Regardless over all the foofraw, if Zimmerman had not carried a gun with him that night, he would have stayed put as the 911 operator told him to do and Martin would still be alive. The gun lobby/NRA have pushed fear of Obama very hard: I get a call from the NRA at least once a month spouting a bunch of trash in order to get me to donate to their political cause. For months the shelves of ammunition at WalMart were stripped bare by the run created by the election of Obama. And NOTHING has happened. Doesn't mean that we should not be vigilant, but we do need to use a little sanity.

Amendment II, United States Constitution

Article [II.] A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The question becomes, this day, are we free states? That question is being argued and adjudged in our Supreme Court as we sit here this morning. If the Affordable Care Act is found Constiutional, it becomes a precedent for the federal government to use as a step for all other legislation impending---federal gun control being one. Recall the "open mike" conversation between our, and Russia's outgoing, presidents. "In my next term I will have more flexiblity".

And that..

is the biggest reason this administration is so dangerous, in my opinion. This is not the first time someone from this administration has tried to ignor or misinterpret the constitution. Heck, even Obama, and he taught constitutional law, doesn't understand it or how it works. Democrat or Republican, that is unacceptable.

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