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Letter: Tillis not best choice

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As Thom Tillis has his Thursday Morning fundraiser at the home of lobbyist Geoffrey Gray, attended by Rove, McConnell and Lindsey Graham, I simply have to voice my objection.

It is no longer Democrat versus Republican. It’s the establishment versus “we the people.” They are playing us like fiddles, getting rich off of our tax revenues, obtaining power by giving favors they have no right to give, handing out money and subsidies, entering contracts on our behalf without representation, starting wars, giving exemptions, selectively enforcing laws and regulations and meanwhile manipulating us 24 hours a day.

And when they screw up, as they always do, it’s somehow our fault. We’re racists, bigots, sexists and generally out only for ourselves. We are then divided and pitted against each other while their charade continues.

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Speaking of Cranks


Oooo-weee! Cranks in a Bind!

I'm glad to see so many of my fellow citizens exposing themselves as reality-averse bozos. Keep up the good work!

Mikey agrees, dump Tillis.......

Enough with the big government GOP already..........True conservatives will cut taxes, reduce welfare, and eliminate excessive regulation..........The immoral government policies of wealth redistribution must end......... The low information/high entitlement voters will continue to build big DC unless the GOP is either remodeled or replaced.............Sam's plantation is very enticing and only a strong consensus of fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and small government folks can combat these moochers voting themselves a raise every couple of years.......I hope I'm not being too subtle........

Excellent Letter

I will commend Thom Tillis for showing us, in advance of the election, his post-election intentions. It boggles the mind that after 6 years of an Obama sycophant, we could do no better than another big government establishment Republican, who only seem to get exercised when going after the Tea Party. There is a legislative monstrosity that has been foisted on the American people - Obamacare - and electing lookalikes to the current Republican leadership will not get it repealed, and will not address an out-of-control Washington in any meaningful way. At a time when we are actually in serious need of hope and change, Thom isn't it.

Thom Has Hurt North Carolina

I highly agree with this letter. I live in Thom Tillis's district and am a lifelong Republican. I essentially did not work last year so that I could fight his toll road plans for existing taxpayer North Carolina highways -- which starts with I-77. He showed me up close how power corrupts and politicians become bullies instead of public servants. Anyone who expressed opposition or questioned his push for tolls and P3s was met with significant retribution and intimidation. We cannot afford to have someone like him in office who not only engages in practices that are pro-socialist and support corporate welfare (aka corporatism). For those of you who are not familiar with what has happened the past few years under Thom's thumb, you can take a look at a few different websites. The www.dailyhaymaker.com has been tracking his antics for years. The toll road issue can be read about at www.tollfreenc.org or www.wideni77.org. I agree with this writer that public-private partnerships are dangerous to our American way of life. A website about the problems with P3s can be found at www.p3times.com.

Interesting race

Kay will be running on the beauty of Obamacare and Tillis will be pointing out the truth.

I agree tom is a loser

But if you want to the country plunge into chaos, elect turd party candidates. These conservatives, will get sucked into the power and money game faster than Obama, Tom, or any other mainstream candidate. And when they do, watch out. They want to go back to 1950 and all the fun that came with it. The republic depends on electing smart people not more of the same. Think about it.

Actual conservative

I do wonder what the definition of one would be. Would that be the same as a "true" this or that which simply means someone that fits your litmus test.

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