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Letter: What happens in Vegas hurts N.C.

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“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a reassuring lie. Sam Skolnik, in his book “High Stakes: The Rising Cost of America’s Gambling Addiction” (reviewed in The Christian Science Monitor), describes the cost to those states which depend on gambling to bring in money to meet their expenditures. The social fallout is sobering: Nevada has “higher rates of crime, bankruptcy filings, home foreclosures, divorces and suicides than anywhere else in the country.”

One in 16 adults is a pathological gambler, losing nearly four times as much as the average gambler. The suicide rate among seniors in Nevada is three times that of the rest of the country. This makes Las Vegas one of the most dysfunctional communities in America.

Why don’t we hear more about this? Skolnik notes, “When gambling in America brings in about $100 billion a year in profits, good P.R. and rigged studies come easy to help expand the industry.” Highly paid lobbyists and unscrupulous politicians try to minimize the problems.

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I remember when the lottery

I remember when the lottery passed. The General Assembly assured us that the "education" lottery would not advertise to the people of NC in an effort to sell tickets. Why is it that I see the "Nature Boy," Ric Flair, on television urging you to buy a ticket for his new games? Have they forgotten about the advertising ban? Or are these television and radio ads of an educational nature? LOL Any chance of getting back the $50,000,000 Gov Perdue transferred from the education lottery into the general fund back during the 2008-2009 budget debate?

Transfer was not legal

Yep needed money cause budget was in the tubes, so rob the Educational Lottery. Gotta love it! Nothing wrong with advertising and yes everyone would like to have a windfall, just like whoever bought the ticket here in Gville that hasn't come forward. Wish it had been me....sigh

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart