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Mooneyham: Asking the wrong question

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Idon’t know whether it is sad or funny, but there is little doubt that the Obama and Romney camps are playing around with a key question of any election involving an incumbent.

That question: Are you better off than you were before the incumbent took office?

The Romney camp wants to massage the question to, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Doing so ignores the fact that President Obama wasn’t in office four years ago.

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Parsing facts

Mister Mooneyham states the midian income for a North Carolina in 2000 versus 2008 and conviently leaves out the 2012 median income figure which is about 3 thousand dollars less than 2008. Also the poverty rate in North Carolina rose in the years from 2008 to 2012. He also speaks of retired investments rising and then conviently forgets the somewhat massive fluctuations in the stock market in the years 2009 to today. He is correct at this point in time only. Tomorrow may bring another deep drop in his investments due to the reaction of world markets, the possible bombing of the Iranian Nuclear Plants, the huge defense cuts looming on the horizon just months away. One would hope that Mister Mooneyham has diversied his portfolio of investments to withstand that distinct possibility.

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