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Alexandra Sirota: Public education to pay

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Once upon a time, North Carolina’s policymakers pledged not to decrease investments in public schools, universities, parks or courts as they restructured our tax system. “Revenue-neutral” tax reform appeared to be a bedrock principle policymakers weren’t willing to betray.

And yet just a few months later, our state leaders are on the verge of finalizing a tax plan that would dramatically cut public investments that are fundamental to our economy in order to pay for tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthiest taxpayers and profitable corporations.

How did we get here?

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Isn't this always the case?

Isn't this always the case? Education has been struggling for more funds for decades now. We shouldn't be surprised that this is happening. However, there's a new growing trend of organizations that support educational programs. We can find more information about that on http://www.bambooshootseducation.com. People ought to be informed by that.

Hey lib ,thanks but I rather

Hey lib ,thanks but I rather keep my money rather let any govt waste it own parks ,,, so I agree with the tax cuts .. Take your commie policies else where

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